Some like it HOT!

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I bet when you think of hot, the last thing that pops into your mind is chickpeas.  For me, chickpeas (garbanzo beans) on their own are just kind of bland and I’m really not big on the texture, but pop those babies in the oven with some spice or turn them into hummus and OMG, [...]

Perfect For a Chilly Morning…

By | 2016-11-16T13:52:31+00:00 January 26th, 2011|food|

There is nothing more that I love than having the weekend off, especially those days where nothing is planned.  I forgot what it was like to actually have time for yourself after working myself to the bone for the past 2 years.  I’m still busy as ever, but have made it a priority to always [...]

Fast, fabulous & filling!

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Want a quick & healthy recipe for those days where you have little to no energy to cook up dinner?  This is definitely one of my favorite recipes for days when I’m short on time or motivation (like today after studying all day).  It’s great because it’s very few ingredients and also uses few dishes [...]

Mamma Mia!

By | 2016-11-16T13:52:31+00:00 January 8th, 2011|food|

Lately I’ve been craving veggies like it’s my job.  No matter what I do I can’t seem to get enough of them…what’s going on?  Whatever it is, I sure hope it keeps up.  Seeing as I was craving some yummy veggies and had some leftover chicken & pizza crust that needed used, I decided to [...]

Happy Hummus: Healthy Snack Favorite!

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I’m a sucker for snack foods.  No matter how large of a lunch/dinner I have you can bet that within an hour or two I’ll be craving a snack.  I’m always on the lookout for new healthy foods to munch on so I don’t succumb to potato chips, cookies and other not-so-healthy foods.  For a [...]

Yo quiero quesadilla…

By | 2016-11-16T13:52:31+00:00 December 21st, 2010|food|

Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a sucker for Mexican food.  You would think that after working in a Mexican restaurant for 4+ years (that I just finally quit so I could start school again!), that I would be completely sick of it, but it's something I crave ridiculously often.  I would say that 40% of our meals [...]

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DIY Cranberry Vodka

By | 2016-11-16T13:52:31+00:00 December 15th, 2010|food|

Phew, winter has rolled in with a vengeance and what better way to embrace then to warm up with a little bit of seasonal vodka to keep you warm.  The bitter cold and tons of snow have me cooped up in the house and I figured why not try out a recipe I've been waiting [...]

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Wine, Cheese, Chatter: Dinner party?

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Thanksgiving has came and went in a flash this year!  All the preparation paid off and the day went smoothly and lots of food was enjoyed by all.  By the time the big day rolled around, I had most everything done aside from throwing the bird in and baking a couple things last minute.  I  used [...]

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Thanksgiving Eve.

By | 2016-11-16T13:52:31+00:00 November 24th, 2010|food|

I'm all about being prepared.  If you ask my husband he would probably tell you that I think it through and worry about having everything prepped way too much when it comes to hosting a party/dinner.  My thought behind all of this is that I want to spend the day enjoying myself with family and friends, instead [...]

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All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.

By | 2016-11-16T13:52:32+00:00 November 22nd, 2010|food, health|

Weeks ago, Julie, at Peanut Butter Fingers, posted about her trip to a Pom Wonderful Factory.  Pom Wonderful is one of the leading pomegranate companies that grow, harvest and process pomegranates.  Seeing all these bright, tasty looking fruit piqued my interests and inspired me to pick a few up the next time I was at the grocery store. [...]

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