Strawberry Lime Spritz

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Sparkling Strawberry Lime Seltzer This strawberry lime mocktail combines Perrier® Strawberry with muddled strawberries (blueberries are a great addition too), a squeeze of lime and a sprig of mint to create a light and refreshing drink that quenches your thirst on those hot and humid summer days. 1 can Perrier® Strawberry Carbonated Mineral Water1-2 strawberries [...]

Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Trail Mix

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Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Trail Mix This crunchy snacking trail mix is addictively good and so easy to make that it'll quickly become a family favorite with everyone in the house! Bold sriracha almonds, honey glazed pretzels, pumpkin seeds, and cranberries come together for sweet, salty and spicy goodness that is perfect for snacking, game [...]

Lychee Iced Tea Cocktail

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Today I’m excited to be sharing a delicious and refreshing lychee iced tea cocktail! This drink is so refreshing for springtime entertaining and I love pairing it with brunch!

Lychee Iced Tea Cocktail

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Lychee Iced Tea Cocktail 2 Tbsp Torani Lychee Syrup 1 ounce vodka6-8 ounce Cold Brew Black Tea (I love using Peach or Apricot) Mix Torani Lychee Syrup, vodka and cold brew tea in shaker and mix well.Pour over ice and garnish with lime and mint.

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