Most of us do our fair share to work towards being more sustainable and eco-friendly, whether it means we recycle, use natural cleaning products, or use clean beauty products. However, many fail to consider one of the easiest and incredibly beneficial ways to live a little greener:

Sustainable Fashion!

Sustainable fashion isn’t a new concept, however it has picked up a ton of interest and momentum in the last few years. More companies are popping up and becoming more mainstream, which is a great thing for our health, our planets health and it makes living a more sustainable lifestyle easier. While I don’t have a closet filled with entirely sustainable clothing, I’ve been making steps to switch to more green options (especially for my every day basics like underwear, tees, camis, yoga gear and also footwear).

Paris shoes (in Earth Yellow) from Ionic Epic Shoes

3 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Fashion

1. Healthier For The Planet

Sustainable fashion and footwear companies take big steps towards being more sustainable through the materials they use, processes used during production, transportation, quality and design of their products. Non-organic cotton is one of the biggest culprits due to the amount of water needed to grow it, the pesticides and chemicals used during production and ultimately the dyes that are often used. Whenever possible, choosing organic cotton (or another organic or sustainable fabric) is a great option in order to help decrease your carbon footprint and your support of non eco-friendly practices.

Loving these shoes from Ionic Epic…and they’re sustainable!

2. Healthier For You

Green producers work hard to keep their products free or chemicals, pesticides and use processes while creating their textiles that have a smaller carbon footprint and also produce safer products for their consumers. The use of organic and more sustainable fabrics and materials, lessens the amount of chemicals that you bring into your home and that have direct (constant) contact on your skin.

Ionic Epic shoes (Peaton in dark grey)

3. Less Waste

Sustainable fashion is less wasteful on so many levels. Less natural resources (water — especially for vegan products as animals are huge consumers) and less energy are used during production, less chemicals are used on textiles and crops used to make their products, and more durable in the long-term. I’ve found that most of the sustainable clothing and products that I own are extremely well made. While they may cost a bit more initially, the investment is worth it long-term due to their durability and knowing that they are ethically made and greener for the planet. I’ve become much more mindful of my purchases and whether I really need those new pants and have especially looked into shopping more second-hand and thrift shops too (there are some great online options as well).

A Few of my Favorite Companies

I’ve been a fan of prAna for a long time, recently added Pact Clothing to my closet in the last 6 months and most recently tried my first sustainable footwear company, Ionic Epic Shoes. Ionic Epic shoes are made from high quality vegan, organic, biodegradable and sustainable fabrics.

When I first received Ionic Epic shoes I was pleasantly surprised at how well made they were. I’ve had countless fabric shoes in the past and most left a lot to be desired when it came to how durable and comfortable they were. The stitching on these were great and I love the fun styles and colors (so many different colors and prints to choose from). They are super lightweight and most importantly, comfortable!

Whether I’m jumping around town, chasing after my kiddos, cycling (the grippy sole offers great traction) or doing some impromptu yoga, they can keep up and look good while doing so. Each pair is extremely lightweight and I love how flexible they (especially when traveling as they are super easy to fit into my luggage). Plus, they can be machine washed so no worries if you get them a little dirty.


Ionic Epic is giving away TWO pairs of shoes for my readers! Awesome, right?! I’ll be giving one pair away through my blog and one through my Instagram (so don’t forget to follow me as I’ll be posting the giveaway early this week!). U.S. Residents only.

Ionic Epic Shoes Giveaway!

Have you made the jump to more green and sustainable clothing?
Any favorite brands?


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