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With the huge rise of online shopping, package theft rates have risen as well. I don’t know about you, but I order just about everything I can online: clothing, electronics, pantry necessities, groceries and more. I love the convenience of a click and having it show up two days later. With that said, I’m always concerned with our packages being stolen from our doorstep.

It’s been shown that up to 30% of people have had a package stolen off their doorstep! Crazy, right?! Earlier this year, I had a package go missing and lately we’ve had increased issues in our area of packages going missing. A lonely pile of packages sitting on your doorstep or porch are an easy target for would be thieves (especially when many packages are labeled with exactly what’s inside).

So what can you do about it?

The last few months, I’ve taken steps to help prevent porch package theft. These tips are simple to implement and can save a whole lot of headache when it comes with missing deliveries.

5 Tips To Prevent Package Theft:

Turn On Delivery Alerts

Almost all the delivery carriers allow for you to turn on delivery alerts to alert you (via email or text) when packages are en route. When you know that you have packages on the way you can plan to be home to grab them, have someone else get them and many carriers allow you to request redelivery, if needed.

Use Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to deter would-be thieves from taking packages. Just the presence of the additional security measures and the potential of thieves being videotaped is enough of a deterrent to keep most criminals away.

We recently installed a Panasonic HomeHawk Front Door + Outdoor Monitoring Camera Kit. The HomeHawk kit includes a waterproof HD video door camera that allows a wide angle view (172 degrees) of your door, porch and even walkway in some instances. Not only can you see everyone that comes to your door, but you can also prompt the HomeHawk system to alert visitors that they are being monitored for additional security.

It’s 100% wire-free so installation is fast and simple. We simply screwed the cameras into place, charged the battery (batteries last months), connected to our wi-fi and we were all set with live full-color 720 HD mobile viewing via the HomeHawk app and recording capabilities. When batteries need to be recharged, you can easily pop off the camera and charge. So simple and love the completely wire-free process.

One great bonus with this system is that there is no monthly storage fee for video storage (needs SD card one time purchase). When someone approaches your doorway, you can be alerted via the app and even use the 2-Way Talk to chat with your visitor. I love being able to keep a closer look on our front door, be alerted when visitors or packages arrive and have the reassurance that they are being protected via HomeHawk.

Purchase here.

Check out the video below, to see the quick install and how it helps deter theft.

Have Packages Delivered To Work

If you know you won’t be home when packages are to be delivered, have them routed to your work, if possible. Some carriers will charge a re-routing fee so that is something to be mindful of.

Put Packages/Mail on Hold

If you’re going on vacation or a weekend getaway, have mail and packages put on hold while you are gone. Having a pile of packages on your doorstep or bulging mailbox are tell-tale signs for thief’s that no one is home. You can easily sign-up online with most major carriers to have your package deliveries be delayed while you are away.

Require a Signature

To prevent your packages from being stolen from your home, request that your couriers require a signature before they can leave packages. While it can be a bit mundane and frustrating, without a signature packages cannot be left stranded on your front step.

Alternate Delivery Locations

If all else fails, you can always set up to pick up packages at your local post office, at UPS Access Points and Amazon lockers . While not convenient, it’s a great option if none of the above deters or stops package theft.

Are you one of the 30% who have had packages stolen? 

Thanks to Panasonic for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own.

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