As a nursing mom, one of my main worries is whether I’m producing enough milk for my little one. I’ve found that my nursing experience has been so different with each child. With Aiden, I suffered from oversupply, a super slow, nursing obsessed baby and latch issues. With Brielle, she’s a quick and efficient nurser and I’ve had issues with having a high enough supply at times. I’ve been desperately trying to be able to pump enough milk so that I can be away for more than 2-3 hours and haven’t had much success. I think that with Aiden, I was a bit more proactive about taking care of myself and being sure that I was eating and drinking enough to keep my supply up. Life’s much crazier with two around and often I’ve found that it’s been hours since I’ve ate or drank anything. I’ve had to be much more self aware this time around to remember to take care of myself along with the kids.

Lately I’ve been working hard on increasing my breast milk supply. The following tips have been a huge help with increasing my supply!


Drink Water!

I’ve found that filling a large pitcher daily and making it my goal to drink the entire jug, has helped tremendously. I’m active and walk/run with the kids in the stroller most days, it’s extremely hot this summer, and being busy with a toddler and baby made me not always reach for liquids when needed.  I’ve been making sure to keep glasses near the areas in which I am usually sitting to nurse so I can easily grab a drink when needed. Aim for drinking an 8 ounce glass of water each time you nurse.


Infuse your water with fruits and herbs (avoid mint) to add flavor and refresh plain water.

Sweetie Pie Lactation Smoothies

Sweetie Pie has just released a new lactation smoothie and it’s amazing. Not only does it taste great (apple and pear), but it helps boost your supply with only one smoothie a day. Each organic and non-GMO smoothie is only 180 calories with no sugar added. It only contains 5 ingredients: fenugreek, flaxseed, pear puree, apple and passionfruit juice. Fenugreek is a galactagogue (herb that increases supply) and has been used for centuries to help boost breast milk supply and their smoothies are so much better tasting than most of the teas that are out there. Flaxseed contains essential fatty acids that can also assist in helping boost your supply. I love the convenience of Sweetie Pie Lactation Smoothies, especially since I’m crazy busy taking care of two kiddos. I don’t have time to make lactation cookies or smoothies of my own some days, so this is perfect. I just grab, drink and go! I’ve noticed an increase after using these smoothies after just a few days. You can purchase them here (subscribe to save even more) and most Whole Foods Markets are carrying them now as well.



Eat a well balanced diet high in protein & healthy fats

Make sure that you’re getting enough calories. I know that I often find that I haven’t eaten on busy days. Some days I get so busy taking care of others and getting things done that somehow I’ve skipped lunch. Strive to eat meals regularly and maintain a well-balanced diet. A diet high in protein and healthy oils (avocado, salmon, nuts all contain those super healthy fats that are great for you). Also, don’t stop taking your prenatal vitamin just because you’re no longer pregnant. Your body still needs those nutrients and DHA.


This salmon salad is loaded with good healthy fats and plenty of nutrients.

Nurse & Nurse & Nurse….

Nursing more often and for longer periods = more milk production. Put that baby on the breast as much as possible. In times when I’ve noticed my supply drop, I’ll do much more skin to skin and nurse as often as baby allows. You want to remove as much milk from the breast as often as possible as it cues your body to amp up production. Each time you nurse baby, try to nurse on each side. Let baby drain one breast and then switch the the next (even if they are just comfort nursing). It will help you body going into milk making mode with the increased nursing. Grab a big bottle of water, snacks, charge your phone, binge on Netflix and have a nurse-a-thon.



Rest as much as you can.  Make sure that not only are you taking care of baby, but take care of yourself! Get sleep! If need be, call in extra help if possible so you can catch a nap. Not only rest your body, but your mind. A stressed body/mind can’t run as efficiently and this can have a negative impact on your supply.


I hope that some of these tips can help you have a successful breastfeeding journey. Remember: never hesitate to reach out to your doctor, your local Le Leche League (they even have facebook support groups) or a lactation consultant! They can be such a great source of information and support.

I received a product in exchange for post, but all opinions are my own.

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