When we initially started planning our trip to San Diego a few months ago, we hadn’t really thought about transportation all that much. This was our first time traveling by plane with kids and suddenly we were faced with the issue of needing to find transportation to get around beautiful San Diego. During prior trips, it was always just the two of us and we would take public transportation around (taxi, subway, etc.), but traveling with two little ones means lots of stuff, car seats and a whole lot less time and patience.

Thankfully, DriveShop came to the rescue and totally hooked it up with an amazing car for the duration of our trip. We were loaned a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe and we couldn’t have been happier with it. First off, this 7 seat SUV not only looks good, but is loaded with so many amazing features and options that make driving it safe, fun and super functional.

Disclaimer: I was loaned a Hyundai Santa Fe for use while on vacation in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

1. Multi-View Camera System

Both my husband and I were totally amazed at the awesome multi-view camera system and totally baffled on how they were able to do this. The multi-view camera provides you with an aerial view of the car that allows you to see completely around the car. This was a lifesaver while driving and parking in a busy city, especially for a large SUV. It works with the use of 4 cameras (located front grille, side mirrors and rear view) that come together to form an image on the LCD display in the console.

The LCD touchscreen display was perfect for using navigation and helping us tackle the roads of San Diego while jamming out to some Sirius XM as well. I loved that there was a USB/Smartphone jack easily accessible since I’m always needing to charge my phone.

2. So Much Space

With three rows, the Santa Fe has enough seating for 7 people and plenty of trunk space as well. We were easily able to stow the third row seating since we didn’t need it and loved all the extra space. Two car seats, 2 large pieces of luggage, 1 carry-on, several backpacks/diaper bags/laptop bags and a double stroller were easily packed which was such a lifesaver. If you have a family and travel, you know how quickly cars get reach max capacity and the Hyundai Santa Fe had so much space. Definitely a winner in my book.

3. Safety Is Priority

Aside from the 360 camera safety feature and rear view camera, the headlights actually sync with your steering wheel and turn! I’ve never seen this before, but it’s great for super curvy roads to help you see better. The Santa Fe also has a radar detection system to alert you if something is in your blind spot or if you start to drift into another lane and also rear parking sensors.

4. Powerful & Fast

The V6 engine provided a ton of power and speed, which my husband definitely loved! Although we weren’t towing anything, it is definitely capable of towing behind which is a major perk.

5. Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof is amazing! Both kids were in love with this feature and loved pointing out everything that they could see above. I loved the additional light, fresh air and open atmosphere it provided.

6. Ride in Comfort

I’m used to seat warmers, but the Hyundai Santa Fe has seat (ventilation) coolers which totally blew my mind. No more hot and sticky seats when it’s warm outside. The built in sunshades in the second row are so convenient and perfect for blocking the sun out of the kids eyes (especially loved this since we were traveling and didn’t have our normal sun shades).

The Hyundai Santa Fe is the perfect SUV for growing families. It easily can fit a medium to large family, while still having additional space in the rear, safety is top notch, and has premium features to keep everyone happy.

Are there any features that you must have in your car? Any deal breakers?

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