6 Reasons Why YogaClub is a Must For Fitness Fanatics

Throughout the years I’ve jumped from one sport to another: running, yoga, weightlifting, rock climbing…you name it, I’ve probably done it. I love to sweat, push myself hard, the feel good buzz of a great sweat session and I especially love my workout clothes! I’m always trying to find great athleisure wear that doesn’t break the bank, but a lot of the time I end up paying way too much for a simple pair of black leggings. I pretty much live in my activewear, whether I’m sweating up a storm in my yoga class, playing with my kids in the yard, or just lounging while binging on Netflix. It’s comfortable, looks good and can keep up with my constantly on-the-go mom life!

Recently I started getting a new subscription service, YogaClub, and I’m totally loving it! YogaClub sends you a 3 piece athleisure outfit (that’s leggings, a sports bra, and a top) handpicked for you from top brands like Niyama Sol, Onzie, Teeki, Free People and more. For only $59 a box (less than the price of a good pair of leggings), you get over $160 worth of premium brand name activewear.

USE MY DISCOUNT: Follow this link to knock your monthly price of YogaClub down from $79 to $59.

If you’re a fitness fanatic like I am or just really love athleisure wear, here are 6 awesome reasons that YogaClub is for you:

Hand-Picked For You

We all have different tastes and different athletic needs and our clothing should reflect that. Your YogaClub stylist picks curated outfits for you based on your individual needs and wants. When you sign up you take a quick quiz to let your stylist knows your preferences and favorite styles! Hate bright colors? No problem! Love showing off your legs? YogaClub has you covered!

Save Up To 60% off

I love a good deal and YogaClub delivers! For less than the price of ONE pair of yoga pants, you can get an entire outfit from the best brands without breaking the bank.

Save Time

Instead of spending your time at the mall looking for the newest activewear trends and styles, let YogaClub take care of it! We have very few athletic wear boutiques near me and I don’t want to spend a day shopping for new looks, so the convenience of YogaClub is so awesome to have the hottest styles delivered right to my doorstep.

High-Quality Athleisure Wear To Help You Reach Your Goals

High quality materials and great fitting clothes are a must for my yoga practice! I don’t want to worry about having ill-fitting clothes or cheap materials that don’t allow me to feel comfortable. YogaClub has some of the best active wear brands on deck to allow you to focus on your performance instead of worrying about your leggings being see-through or falling down.

More Than Just For Working Out

YogaClub clothes are so cute that you’ll want to wear them for a whole lot more than just your exercise class or gym sweat session! YogaClub blends function with fashion to allow you to go from gym to preschool drop-off to grocery runs while looking like your fab self!

Something To Keep You Motivated

Knowing that you have a fun box of stylish activewear heading to your doorstep every month is an awesome motivator to stay with your fitness goals. Think of it as showing yourself a little TLC and self-love every month. Half the fun is the anticipation of what you get next!

USE MY DISCOUNT: Follow this link to knock your monthly price of YogaClub down from $79 to $59.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free box in exchange for this post.

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