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Although wellness is a large part of life, there are still some areas I struggle in. While I love keeping active, especially with my yoga practice, I have a hard time sticking to habits when it comes to diet and digestive health. I’m pretty consistent with exercising, meal planning and eating a well-rounded diet, but sticking to a supplement regimen is something that I have struggled with for years.

For me, it’s simply an issue of forgetting most of the time. My mind is usually running in 30 different directions and even something as simple as remembering to take a supplement can be easily overlooked. This year I’m really hoping to find balance in all areas of my wellness and adding a probiotic is just one way that I’m doing so.

Probiotics have so many great benefits when it comes to gut health. I don’t have a ton of digestive issues, but do have some occasional bloating and heartburn that become uncomfortable and problematic. Minor stomach discomforts cause me to feel weighed down and less energized and this mama needs all the energy she can get to keep slaying her goals. Adding probiotics to my routine adds good bacteria to my gut to help support optimal digestion, improve my gut’s natural microbiome and keep it thriving. When deciding on a probiotic, I chose Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care.

Not all probiotics are created equal and Renew Life Ultimate Flora 25 Billion is the #1 Women’s probiotic* for a reason! Made with 25 billion live cultures from 10 different probiotic strains, it’s designed to support digestive balance and a healthy immune system. Unlike many probiotics, Renew Life is specifically catered to women’s needs by containing Lactobacilli to promote vaginal health. As women we have our own needs and I’m so grateful to see more companies finally addressing it! They understand that everyone has their own unique needs and it may take some time to find the right solution for you and they stand behind that statement with a 60-day money-back guarantee!

My Experience

I’ve been using Renew Life for the last 30 days (in fact I just finished my first bottle and started my second one). In the past 30 days, I’ve definitely had some noticeable differences in my digestive health and overall just feel lighter and more energized. My bloating has decreased substantially and I’ve had less digestive discomfort. There’s also a lot of evidence that probiotics can be helpful in immune support and despite being exposed to all the sickness possible (having a preschooler and kindergartener means that they bring home ALL the bugs), my immune system has been rocking this year! You can find Renew Life in the Vitamins & Supplements or Digestive Health aisle at Walmart or shop for it here.

Deciding on taking Renew Life as a probiotic was easy, but actually taking it is another story! I needed a plan to make sure that I actually take it daily (especially as probiotics work best when taken regularly). My track record for taking and sticking to vitamins and supplements hasn’t been the best, but I was determined this time to make sure I took them regularly. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so I’m sharing a few ways that have helped me get into a regular routine for taking my Renew Life probiotic.

6 Simple Tips To Help You Stick To Your Supplement Routine:

1. Keep It Where You See It

“Out of sight, out of mind” is totally true for me so I have to have the bottle where I’m going to visibly see it to remember it. Find a spot to store your supplements where you are going to see them daily (even multiple times a day). For me, that’s right on the kitchen counter so I can’t miss them. Make sure to keep in mind that you don’t want to store them in humid places (like bathrooms) or areas of direct sunlight as it can affect the potency.

2. Build Into Your Routine

Incorporate taking your supplements and vitamins into a routine that you do every single day. That can be a mealtime (I always take my probiotics at lunch because I’m home for lunch most days), before brushing your teeth, at bedtime, before putting on makeup, whatever it is that you do every single day. Eventually it’ll become a normal part of that routine and something you won’t have to actively remember to do.

3. Keep Extras Handy

Keep an extra stash in multiple places. If you’re someone who is always on the go, keeping an extra set of your daily supplement and vitamins in your purse or gym bag is a great solution for the days you’re on the move. I can’t tell you how many times in the past that I’d get to my destination and realized that I had forgotten to take my supplements. Having an extra stash helps you stick to it!

4. Set An Alarm

Let technology help you reach your healthy living goals by setting a daily alarm to remind you to take your supplements. I’m a huge fan of my phone alarm for reminders (even something as simple as bus stop pickup – I’m not alone in that, right?). If you’re a digital calendar user, set a reminder to have it pop up on your laptop/phone daily.

5. Have An Accountability Partner

Ask a spouse, friend, or roommate that’s also working to improve their health to check in daily to keep you on track!

6. Kick It Like Grandma

Pillboxes are popular for a reason: they work! It’s especially beneficial if you take more than one and at different times throughout the day. You’ll never have to second guess whether you took it.

If interested in adding a probiotic to your routine, check out Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care. You can find out more and purchase here.

Do you take a probiotic? 

*Disclaimer: Based on IRI unit sales.

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