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When I wake in the morning, I’m ready to go. I get up, get moving and love to start slashing all those items off my to do list (there’s just something so satisfying about crossing everything off lists, right?). I can be moving full-speed ahead and then suddenly an hour or so after lunch, the mid-afternoon slump hits hard. My eyes start getting droopy, my focus goes completely out the window and I can struggle to motivate myself to do anything besides sitting on the couch in a complete zone-out mode. While I’d love to just crawl into my bed and take a nap to get through the rest of the afternoon, it’s just not a possibility.

Here’s the thing, that afternoon-tired feeling is completely normal thanks to our circadian rhythm. The good news is that a few changes in our everyday habits and simple changes to our routine, can knock those sleepy vibes out of the way so you can continue to rock out your to do list and beat the midday energy slump. Instead of chugging another XL coffee, give these simple strategies a try to help beat the afternoon energy slump!


Don’t Skip Breakfast

Start your day on the right step with a healthy and filling breakfast! Avoid super sugary options and aim for something with protein and whole-grain carbohydrates to keep you satiated and energized. My favorite power breakfast is eggs and avocado toast…lots of protein, healthy fats and fiber to energize me through my busy morning.

Have an Energy Boosting Snack

Skip the sugary snacks that you’re likely craving and reach for a high protein option instead. High-protein snacks are the perfect midday slump beating snack to keep you full for longer, give you some much needed energy without the crash that comes from high sugar options. One of my favorite energy boosting snacks options are Jack Link’s Beef Bars!

They’re made with 100% beef, only 70 calories and are packed with 8 grams of protein. I love that they are a gluten-free better-for-you snacking option that not only tastes great, but that you can feel good about eating. I purchase the multi-packs during my Target runs (you can find them in the nutritional bar aisle) for simple, healthy snacking to push me through my busy days. Since Jack Link’s Beef Bars don’t need to be refrigerated, they’re great for keeping in my purse and gym bag so I can always have an energy-boosting snack even while on-the-go. Pair one with some fresh veggies or fruit for even more nutritional goodness!

Jack Link’s Original is my fav while my hubby and the kiddos love Teriyaki.

Skip The Caffeine

While that super dose of caffeine might give you an initial boost, the caffeine crash will have you counting down the minutes until bedtime or keep you up if you imbibe too late in the day. Instead of that extra coffee, chug some ice water instead. Dehydration can make you feel ultra-sluggish as well, so adding some additional water into your day is a double win! If you’re really feeling the need for something warm, reach for a caffeine-free or lower caffeine tea instead.

Move More

When I feel my energy starting to dwindle, I love to take a break for a little movement. I love getting outside for a quick walk if I can (plus that extra Vitamin D from the sun helps too), but even a quick 5 minute energizing yoga stretch (Sun Salutations are a great option) can be beneficial too. If you can’t or don’t have the time to take a moving break, stand up instead. Standing workstations are great for those that spend a majority of their day staring at a computer screen.

Switch It Up

I try to plan my day around my energy level spikes. I make sure to do the most important and intense tasks earlier in the day when my energy is highest and save the tasks that take a little less brain power for the afternoon when I know that my energy is less. If I know I have errands to run, I try to do them midday to help increase my energy and all that moving around usually is enough to help me feel re-energized again. Sometimes taking a break, changing your surroundings and switching your tasks can be a great way to hit the reset button.

Add Stimulation

Feeling groggy? Add some stimulation to your routine. A few great and simple options are chewing minty gum, diffusing energetic essential oils like citrus/mints or turn the volume up on some uplifting jams.

Prioritize Sleep

Making sure that you get consistent and high-quality sleep is so important to your overall health and maintaining energy levels! Skip that extra Netflix show and crawl into your comfy bed instead.

Have you found anything that works well to help you battle the midday energy slump?

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