Do you ever feel like cleaning is a 24/7 job. Sometimes I feel like I’ll clean one thing, only to find that there is another mini disaster and mess to clean up. I’m one of those people who really struggles with being productive if my house is messy and cluttered. Seeing stuff strewn everywhere just kicks my anxiety into high mode and I can’t seem to relax nor get anything else done until it’s a bit cleaner.

One of the hardest adjustments to this motherhood journey has been getting used to the toys and messes that arise, but I have found some tips and tools along that way that really help cut my cleaning time in half and also make it less of an ordeal since there is less time to clean (or at least smaller intervals) when caring for two little ones.

Below are a few of my everyday habits and tips that I do to help keep our home a bit more tidy without too much additional effort. Keeping up with the following tips makes a huge difference with preventing us from having to spend a ton of time cleaning, which means we get more time with each other and to do the things we enjoy.


Clean As You Go

I cook a LOT. Three meals a day, snacks and baby food mean that a lot of time is spent preparing food in our kitchen. Often while I’m cooking, I’ll keep a full sink of hot dishwater so I can wash and clean pots, cutting boards and prep items along the way. By keeping up with cleaning as I go, there is very little left to clean after meals besides maybe a pot or two and loading the dishwasher.

Get a bObi Robot Vacuum

The bObi robotic vacuum is full of power and a mean cleaning machine. It’s capable of vacuuming, sweeping and mopping all at once. I love the versatility of it and the ease of use! Since we’ve installed our luxury vinyl planks (which I love), I’ve hated having to sweep the floors constantly. It was time consuming and just a pain to do on the daily.


When I received my bObi Classic keeping our floors clean got so much easier! With one touch of a button my floors are cleaned while I can tackle other items on my to do list or just relax! It’s super slim frame is perfect for navigating under and around furniture to leave our floors clean and sparkling. It can easily transition from our laminate to carpet without any issues. It has over 80 sensors on it that help it navigate easily around our home and the side brush is so perfect for cleaning up all those dust bunnies that hide out around baseboards. For those super messes, hit the waffle option and bObi does a super deep clean to ensure that those dirty areas get special attention and thorough clean.


Since my daughter is still crawling and constantly on the floor, I LOVE that it has a UV light that helps to kill all the bacteria on our floors and a HEPA filter to capture harmful airborne particles! I’ve simply set up a schedule with the remote (you can choose days and times for it to vacuum) to run every evening after we’ve went to bed. It’s quiet enough that you can run it at night without waking everyone up. It runs for an hour or so each night and returns to it’s docking station when it’s done or the battery runs low and charges itself up for the next day. It’s so great to wake up every morning with our floors clean and not having to add another chore to my to-do list. For those of you with pets, be sure to check out the bObi Pet for the most intensive robotic vacuum clean.


The only con that I’ve had so far: My son thinks it’s a toy just for him that he both loves and is slightly apprehensive of. LOL. He’s managed to sneak the remote to our bObi a few times which led to my scheduled cleanings being rearranged. Definitely not a big deal and if anything, it provides a great laugh now and then. 😛

Make Your Bed

I try to make our bed every morning. It sets a precedence to keep our bedroom cleaner. I’m much more likely to pick the clothes up on the floor, put laundry away and tidy up when our bed is made.

Schedule Tasks

I love to do lists. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing off an item on it. I often write out the chores that need done and list the days to do them. Most often bathrooms are done on the weekend because it’s easier to tackle when someone can watch the kids while your arms deep in Lysol and Clorox (which to be honest, my husbands does because I hate toilets – LOL).

Tackle Laundry in a Day

I usually take a morning on the weekends to tackle all of our laundry. I separate, wash, dry and then fold in the evenings. Folding laundry is at the very bottom of my list of things I like doing so I try to bust butt and get it out of the way otherwise it’ll sit there for days. When it comes to putting it away, I have a separate basket for each member of the house so I can take each basket into their rooms and put everything away in a few simple minutes rather than bouncing from room to room.

Get Rid of Crap

We have downsized so much with getting rid of things we don’t need or use. We basically have only kept the things we use often or the things we really love. This ranges from knick-knacks, kitchen gadgets, clothing, toiletries (I’m still working on purging this one) and so on. Having renovations going on throughout our house really jump-started this for us, but it’s so nice not having to wade through so many unneeded items and it felt great to free-cycle them to people who could really use them.


I’ve been working so hard to have a spot for everything in our house. This prevents us from getting junk drawers (which I’m still working on), saves time with us avoiding having to search the house for items and prevents stuff from gathering on side tables and entryways. This has been a point that I have been working on with our 3 year old a lot to have him put items back when he’s done. It doesn’t happen every time, but it is getting better.

Clean Out the Fridge Every Time You Grocery Shop

When we get home from grocery shopping, I do a quick once over of our fridge to throw out old items and wipe up messes if needed. This helps us not only keep it cleaner, but we throw out much less food when we keep stock of what’s in there. I always make sure to put all the new items in the back so we use the food that’s expiring soon ASAP.

What are some of your tips to keep your home clean?

What aspects of cleaning do you struggle with the most?

Disclaimer: I was provided a bObi robotic vacuum in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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