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One of my favorite things is to wake up to a neat and tidy house. There is just something so satisfying about a clean and tidy home that makes you feel like you are starting your day on the right foot. This is even more important than ever now that I’m working from home and distance learning with our kids each day.

Having everyone be home more often has meant that sticking to cleaning habits and routines has been more important than ever. Being home = more messes.

The past few months have really been a test for my flexibility and patience when it comes to a clean home. With everyone home all the time, it took a herculean effort at times to keep our house in order. I’m one of those people in which a messy and disorganized house can cause me some major anxiety and frustration.

There are a few simple and manageable steps and tools we’ve put in place to keep our house tidy and organized! Our home isn’t always magazine ready and perfect, but these steps have made it more manageable to stay on top of the mess and avoid having to spend half the weekend cleaning up from the week’s chaos.

9 Daily Habits for Keeping Your House Clean

Make Your Bed Daily

There’s just something about making your bed that immediately makes you feel like your room is 100 times cleaner. That simple step often inspires me to clean up a few more items or to at least not make more of a mess. Don’t forget to encourage your kiddos to make their beds too (they might not be perfect, but it’s a great first chore responsibility).

Clean As You Go

It seems so obvious, but one that many of us don’t actively do! The tiny clean as you go moments throughout your day can make a HUGE difference in terms of avoiding disarray and messes. After prepping food, do a quick counter wipe down. Put junk mail in the recycling bin right away. Have the kids put away their backpacks and shoes right away when they come in. Instead of piling dishes on the counter, do a quick rinse and put them away in the dishwasher.

Hand vacuum all those crumbs and confetti after your minis make messes, and after having bake-a-thons and craft sessions with the kids. We love our ONEPWR™ Dust Chaser™ Hand Vacuum for ultra easy cleaning! Major Bonus: the kids can do it too!

Keep Supplies Convenient

Keeping basic cleaning supplies easy to grab and use makes it so much easier to clean up regularly! I try to make sure that each bathroom has the basics and our kitchen & dining room is fully stocked with all our cleaning needs. Having everything ready to use prevents you from having to track down what you need and saves so much time.

Obviously cleaning supplies like vacuums and mops aren’t always something you can easily have multiples of. For our vacuums we love the Hoover line! ONEPWR™ Evolve Pet™ Cordless Vacuum is an absolute must for tackling your daily messes and the ONEPWR™ Dust Chaser™ Hand Vacuum is perfect for quick spot cleans!

I love that the ONEPWR™ Evolve Pet™ Cordless Vacuum is so lightweight (under 9 pounds) and cordless which makes it so easy to transport from room to room without having to worry about cords getting caught on furniture or having to roll the cord over and over.

The removable and rechargeable ONEPWR lithium battery provides some serious fade-free power to tackle messes on carpets to hard floors with the adjustable brush roll and suction settings with an ultra large dirt cup (holds 3x as much dirt and pet hair). As a family with allergies, the  antimicrobial brush roll and pet filter on this cordless vacuum is a must to prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria. I’ll admit, I was totally skeptical on a battery run vacuum, but this vacuum easily tackles the toughest messes! Crumbs? Don’t stand a chance. Confetti? Not an issue at all! It truly does an amazing job!

I absolutely love our ONEPWR™ Dust Chaser™ Hand Vacuum! It’s so convenient to grab (under 3 pounds) and use wherever you need a quick spot clean. The powerful ONEPWR 2.0 Ah battery has 2x more suction* with a high performance digital motor for long lasting power that can last 30+ minutes. I’ve been wanting a hand vacuum for so long and having the portable convenience to quickly suck up messes or vacuum the car is so worth it!

Whether you’re cleaning out the car, hitting up all the crumbs in the couch, or sucking up glitter that spilled during arts & crafts, the cordless portability and multi-purpose tools makes the job easy peasy! It’s so easy to use that even my kiddos love helping out and will often run to grab it to clean up their messes! Anything that helps encourage my kids to help with cleaning and takes a little work off my hands is winner!

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Morning/Evening Blitz Clean

Taking just 10-15 minutes in the morning or evening to do a quick tidy up is a great way to keep the messes at bay. After dinner, I love taking a few minutes to put everything back where it belongs and do a quick wipe down of countertops. Since the whole family is together, we all work on a few things to get our house a little more in order. Nothing is better than waking up the next morning and having everything being cleaned up for a fresh start.

Get Everyone Involved

This is SO important! Everyone in the house should be involved in cleaning and the responsibility shouldn’t fall on just one parent! Delegate tasks and make it a priority for your children to know that they are responsible for cleaning up after themselves! There are so many tasks that kids are capable of:

  • Making their bed
  • Setting up/clearing the table
  • Fold laundry and put their clothes away
  • Dust
  • Wash windows
  • Clean dishes/load dishwasher
  • Pick up toys
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep & Mop

While they may not do it perfect, instilling this responsibility at an early age is a great way to teach personal responsibility.

5 Minute Rule

This rule is so simple, but can be a game changer: Does it take less than 5 minutes to complete? If the answer is yes, do it now! There are often so many items on our to do list that we put off, no matter how minor they are. Finishing those simple tasks can be such a stress reliever and make a big difference over time in maintaining a clean house.

One Load a Day

It’s so easy for laundry to add up. I started doing one load a day and it’s been a game changer. Kids can fold & hang clothes too so get them involved!

Progress Over Perfection

Take off the pressure of getting it all done in one day. It’s not going to happen. Maintaining the basics and slowly working on all the other items (like that overflowing to-do drawer) over time leads to more success. Start slow and consistent with the cleaning basics and you’ll find that you have more time for all those other smaller cleaning and organizational projects.

Everything Has a Place

I’m still working on getting everything organized, but having a place for everything helps cut down on the mess! Grab some organizational bins for your closets and storage areas, label them and the magic of having a place for all the things comes to life! I feel so much better not having to search high and low for items now!

What’s your favorite cleaning hack?


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