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It’s hard to believe that it’s already back to school time! While my kids aren’t quite ready to start up school yet, some fun new back to school goodies always help build up some excitement. As we prepare for the next year school year, I wanted to share some new products that our family has been enjoying. From fun educational toys, to useful lunch items and more – these are a few of my favorite new products!

Age-Based Educational Activities from Banana Panda

Banana Panda has so many great educational toys, games and books that my kids (and myself) love. I find that these are a great hands on supplement that combines learning and fun for the whole family. These are perfect rainy days activities that we can do as a family and there are so many different themes and play patterns that there is something for every child from birth through age 7. They are also made with the highest quality standards (non-toxic vegetable oil based inks) and the prints and designs are engaging, bright, colorful and fun!

The large puzzles are so fun and my son is so excited to hang up the double sided poster in this room (he loves ALL things space) so this combo was absolutely perfect for him. The puzzle shown above is the Observation Space Puzzle (ages 4+) and they loved putting it together together. We can’t wait to put together the Suuuper Size Puzzle Solar System – it’s over 3 feet wide! It’ll be perfect for when we learn about the solar system and has an even bigger poster too!

You can use code playandlearn for 15% off, valid July 10th – September 30th.

Funkins Washable Lunch Bags, Placemats and Napkins

I love finding eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for lunch time and I’m obsessed with Funkins products for waste-free lunches! Funkins has a wide variety of lunch-inspired products, such as washable lunch bags, placemats and napkins, in so many cute and fun prints.

I absolutely love the option of having a placemat for kids to use in the cafeterias to be a bit more germ-free and the cloth napkins are perfectly sized for lunch bags (not bulky or take up a ton of space). The tote bags are roomy, super cute (my kids squealed with joy seeing the fun prints), while also being incredibly easy to clean – just throw them in the washing machine.

Stock up and use code: BBOX2021 at check-out to receive 20% off your order at Offer valid through September 30th, 2021.


This product is super cool and unlike anything I’ve seen before! Jogoball is a screen-free tech toy and game console that has so many different types of content. Jogoball is a unique combination of play and technology for immersive gameplay with trivia, social games, active movement and more. What I love is that there are no membership or monthly fees and it comes with over 1000 hours of content to play immediately! Jogoball has motion detection that can pick up all different types of movements (throwing, twisting, shaking) for a truly interactive experience. It also has a high quality speaker for the best experience as well. My son LOVES his Jogoball and it’s a great way to burn off some energy in a fun way! The singing and rhyming is super fun and silly too – perfect humor for kiddos!

They also offer special content packs, like Megee, which is a Spanish content pack! We’ve always wanted to teach our kids Spanish (and for ourselves) so this was such a fun addition and definitely the coolest Spanish teacher that I’ve ever had. There are three different learning levels to accommodate for all levels as it teaches Spanish vocabulary, sentence building, pronunciation and more through a variety of games.

I feel like this is an awesome family toy or would be wonderful for classroom use (especially as an ice breaker). Use code BABBLE for 20% off.


Smartrike has a wide array of fun active inspiring products! Making sure that we stay active as a family is so important to me and I love that Smartrike helps keep kids active with their products. One of the simplest ways that we sneak a little activity in our days is enjoying a ride to the bus stop in the mornings/afternoon. It’s a great way to burn a little energy, get some fresh air and integrate healthy habits and physical activity into our daily routine.

Use my custom code, HEALTHY15, for a 15% discount on all Smartrike products.

Surprize by Stride Rite

Stride Rite has been one of our favorite shoe brands for years! Our kids are hard on shoes and Stride Rite has stood the test of time through two incredibly active and spunky kiddos. I love that Stride Rite takes special note to ensure that their shoes aid in healthy foot development too. Aside from looking great, Stride Rite shoes help build strength, coordination and confidence throughout every step of childhood.

Brielle is starting the school year with the new Surprize Shoes (you can find them exclusively at Target). The design is fun and goes with so many outfits, she loves that they light up (the shoelaces do too) and they are so easy to clean as you can wash them in the washing machine!

Hand Face Cleaning Wipes from Yipes!

Yipes! Hand and Face cleaning wipes are definitely getting sent to school with each of my kids this back to school season! We strive to teach our children the importance of healthy habits, such as healthy eating, exercise, so personal hygiene should be highlighted as well. Yipes! are 94% biodegradable, made with 99% plant-derived ingredients, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. They are a great option for on-the-go for gentle cleansing. They’re available in a canister (would be a great classroom gift) and also in individual sachets. The sachets are great for sending in a lunchbox to encourage kiddos to wash up before eating.

Get 15% off sitewide with code YakToSchool.

Are you all prepared for back to school? Are your kids back to school already?

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