Happy Belated New Year! I totally meant to post this round up of my most popular posts from 2017 last week, but after the New Year our house was hit with a butt busting round of colds that left me with no energy. We’ve finally recovered and now I’m ready to start 2018 with a bang!

I feel like 2017 whizzed by in such a whirlwind and I’m still coming to terms that it’s already 2018 (and nearly half way through the month). I went from being a mom to a baby, to having two toddlers to wrangle daily which means my life is constantly go, go, go! My husband and I continued to work on house projects and slowly have making this house a home that we love and that reflects our style. There were several trips throughout the year that I took with my family (San Diego, Toledo, Michigans Adventure) and a few on my own that were blog related (BlogHer in Orlando, NOW Foods in Chicago and Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival). Alongside all of this, my blog has continued to grow.

When I began my blog I was looking for an outlet to be more than just “mom”, especially since I had left the working world to stay home with my kids and at times had a hard time finding a new normal. 2 years of consistent blogging and it has amazingly grown into a business and I could not be more thankful. Above all, I’m thankful for you, my amazing readers and followers. Your comments, likes, hearts, messages, everything, truly do mean the world to me. Without you this digital space would be boring and absolutely nothing. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

So better late than never, here are Mommy Gone Healthy’s top post of 2017.

10. Breakfast Chorizo Hash 

9. Running with Kids | Mom Hacks for a Great & Safe Stroller Run

8. 6 Reasons Why Michigan’s Adventure is Perfect for Young Families  

7. Tips for Packing a Simplified Diaper Bag 

6. Behind the Scenes at NOW Foods 

5. Strolling the City with Evenflo Pivot Travel System

4. Save Money & Time with EasyKicks Sneaker Club 

3. Five Ways to Welcome in Spring with Kids 

2. 12 Ultimate Stretches for Post-Workout Recovery

1. Fun & Easy Outdoor Activities to Spark Discovery and Imagination in Children

I was totally surprised as to which posts ranked highest! With that said, I definitely want to know what you guys want more of so I put together a quick survey! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts as this helps me curate content you enjoy! This survey is completely anonymous too so no worries. 🙂

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