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Technology has unfairly received a lot of flack when it comes to our health. Too often we are buried deep into our phone and laptops which can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. However, technology has so much to offer when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and making healthier choices. Instead of letting technology lead us astray and into bad habits, putting forth a bit of effort and using the right technology tools can serve us in so many ways to help get us moving, keep us more accountable, make better choices and push us to motivate ourselves to be stronger, happier and healthier. There are so many great new and innovative technology that are available that can be such a powerful tool for improved health.

Below are a few of the most beneficial health gadgets and technology to allow you to be more health conscious and lead a healthier life:

Nokia Body+

This smart scale offers to much more than just telling you your weight – it’s a body analyzer. The Nokia Body+ can track up to 8 users and report their weight, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, water, and bone mass and can even tell you the weather. I love the ability to see a breakdown of my weight in terms of fat, muscles, and bone mass as I feel that it provides a much more comprehensive look into my health and allows me to set more specific goals (such as aiming towards a goal body fat % opposed to a specific weight in pounds).

It even has a pregnancy and baby mode (parent can hold baby on scale to track babies weight) that can be so useful for even the littlest ones in our family.

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One of my favorite things about it is that it syncs effortless with the Health Mate app (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to view and track your health history easily. The trends screen is great for an overall big picture of your weight and health goals (shows the last 8 days), opposed to getting hung up on one bad day.

When using Body+ with the Health Mate app, it provides a great comprehensive report of your health right at your fingertips. The Health Mate app can be used with so many other valuable apps, such as MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, WeightWatchers and more to allow you to see a glimpse of your information to allow you to track your progress and reach your goals more easily.


Wearable technology can be such a great motivator and reminder to get moving! The newest wearable technology not only tracks steps and distance, but also can measure heart monitoring (like heart rate), calories burned and even track your sleep. I love setting a daily step goal to make sure that I keep moving throughout the day. When I check my steps and see that I am far from my goal, it definitely is a motivator to increase my activity and start moving.


There are so many amazing apps out there that make living a healthy lifestyle so much easier. I especially love MyFitnessPal for tracking caloric intake, macros (fat, protein, carbs) and my exercise. For physical activity, RunKeeper is amazing for tracking runs and provides pace, distance and calories burned.

Health Mate automatically syncs with the Nokia Body+ Scale and is able to pull stats and information from the above mentioned apps into one centralized dashboard on the app which is convenient for allowing in in-depth glimpse into your overall wellness. Health Mate app is the ultimate high tech app motivator to reach your fitness and health goals.

Social Accountability

There are so many social media sites and groups that cater to healthy living and wellness. These groups can serve as great motivators and a perfect way to keep yourself accountable. Whether you seek out a group to help getting eating back on track, find a virtual workout partner or participate in online fitness challenges, using social media to find accountability partners is a surefire to help get and stay on track to improve your health one step at a time.

Do you use technology to help you live a healthier life?


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