Dear Daughter, Always Remember…

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Do you feel that? There is a major shift thats occurring worldwide (yes, worldwide) when it comes to being a women and it's overwhelming powerful and empowering.  It's no surprise to those that know me well that I lean quite heavily to the left and that the title "feminist" is one that I proudly hold [...]

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Learn to Swim Day with Your Family

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I feel like I'm a pretty laid-back, non-helicopter parent, but there are a few things that do terrify me as a parent to young children. Those two things are choking and drowning. Did you know that drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages one to 14? Nerve-wracking, right? With summer [...]

How to Have a Stress-Free, Mess-Free Mealtime with Toddlers

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One of my favorite milestones during the baby and toddler years is introducing new foods. I loved seeing my kids reactions and finding new favorite foods that would alleviate a little bit of the mealtime battle we occasionally deal with. While the adventure into solid foods is exciting, unfortunately the mess is not! Below are a [...]

Five Perks of Having Routines for Children

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I've found that one of the largest factors to having a smooth, some-what less chaotic day with my children is sticking to a routine. Please note that I said routine, not schedule. A routine allows us to have some flexibility, without the rigidity of a schedule (more about the sequence of events, opposed to time). [...]

Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas + Awesome Toy Bundle Giveaway!

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Can you believe that Easter is this upcoming weekend? I sure can't! If you're anything like me, you are just starting to think about what to get for your kiddos Easter baskets. We always seem to have a huge stash of candy post holidays so this year I'm working on candy-less Easter baskets. With two [...]

Tips for Packing a Simplified Diaper Bag

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If there is one "baby" item that I feel like moms should pick for themselves, the diaper bag would be it. For many moms, the diaper bag serves not only for carrying around all those items you need at hand for baby, but at many times it serves as your purse as well. When it [...]

Mother’s Musings of the First Year + Birthday Cake Smash

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You know that life is crazy when it took me nearly 2 months to finally post pictures of Brielle's cake smash from her first birthday! Our getaway (I refuse to say vacation because when traveling with kids it is far from a vacation) totally set me behind and before I knew it, another month went [...]

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