Gift Guide for Baby’s First Christmas!

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Is there anything more magical and exciting than baby's first Christmas? I've always loved the holidays, but Christmas with kids is just so much more special and fun (albeit, absolutely exhausting sometimes -- haha!). Both of our kiddos have been about 1 year old for their first Christmas so they were fully involved and immersed [...]

Simply Earth, Simply Awesome! Essential Oils Made Easy

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I think that I'm likely one of the last people in my group of friends (both online and offline) that hadn't jumped on the essential oil bandwagon. I never had anything personally against essential oils, but just didn't really know where to begin nor which ones were a good fit for my family. When Simply [...]

The Light That Every Blogger Needs + Giveaway

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I'm no newbie to blogging as I've been writing for years now, but this past year I've really taken it much more seriously and have been trying to carve out a little niche for myself in the blogosphere. I soon realized that there is so much more to this little "hobby" of mine than I [...]

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