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I love trying new wellness products to find new ones that I can add to my families routine and to share my fave finds with you all! National Nutrition Month comes at the perfect time to remind us to do a nutrition check in. While many of us set nutritional goals at the New Year, by March many of them start to slowly dwindle as we get busier. In celebration of National Nutrition Month, BabbleBoxx sent over some new-to-me products to try. I tasted and tested them all so I can give you all the details!

The Secret Nature of Fruit

The Secret Nature of Fruit fruit-powered vitamin chews are a really unique find! They harness real fruit (fruits are the first ingredient in both varieties I tried) to deliver a yummy and natural boost of essential nutrients and antioxidants. These chews are made with natural fruit (no gelatin) and contain only natural fruit sugars for a delicious taste and chewy texture (they remind me of the fruit leather treats that I loved when I was a kid). With several different varieties to choose from, each blend is curated to help support specific functions for better health today and tomorrow.

I really love that they are free of processed or refined sugars and have no synthetic fillers as well. They are also vegan and gluten-free for those following those diets!

CORE Foods

I’ve been a CORE Bar fan for years! They always have the best flavors and they have a special focus on gut health as their bars provide a combination of probiotics and prebiotic fibers. The CORE Bars powered by adaptogens are food for your mood. Thee de-stressing snacks have a unique blend of Reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms to help support the nervous system and lessen the impact of stress. Filled with plenty of fiber and protein and no added sugar for a great on-the-go snack (the dark chocolate walnut is delish)! 

CORE Plant-Based Keto + Probiotics Bars have only 3g net carbs and 0g of added sugar and delicious flavors – like birthday cake (with rainbow sprinkles)!  They contain allulose, a non-artificial sweetener which make them a great option if you’re following a low-carb or keto diet.

You can find CORE Bars in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, on, or on Amazon. Quick note: while CORE Bars are stored in the refrigerator, they are good on-the-go for up to one week so still a great grab & go snack option.

Soulless Ginger Ale

Give me all the ginger things! I’m obsessed with just about everything ginger so I couldn’t wait to try Soulless Ginger Ales. My husband and I have been trying to reduce the amount of wine or beer that we drink, so having these as a great non-alcoholic option has been great. To make it even better, each can has only 6g of sugar which is a huge bonus. They add cold pressed, fresh juices to their different flavors for some really great, delicious flavor combos with a clean, refreshing spicy ginger finish.

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