One of my favorite things about holidays is the traditions. I’m a sucker for traditions and love looking forward to certain events or happenings. Years and years ago, my husband and I started a tradition in which we bought an ornament every time we traveled out of state or to a new destination. It began as a way to replace the cheap and chintzy fake plastic ornaments we bought when we were broke and in college and has transformed into a great tradition that always makes me smile.  It was always so much fun to pick out an ornament at each place that symbolized our travels and I loved the joy that it brought every Christmas when we decorated the tree. As we decorated, memories of our travels and events would come flooding back to me and it was such a great way to make our tree personalized and even more special than before.

Since our travels are a bit less often and more sporadic now since we’ve had kids, we’ve begun the tradition of buying each other an ornament every year to open on Christmas morning. I always try to find an ornament that relates to the person, whether it be a hobby, favorite character, sport, movie and so on. Now that we have kids, I’d like to include them on this tradition as well and our Christmas tree ornament collection is increasing exponentially (good thing we have a few Christmas trees throughout the house for all these memorable ornaments, right?).

When it comes to selecting ornaments, my first choice is Hallmark Keepsake ornaments! There are always so many to choose from, whether it be trendy and popular to timeless and classics.  This year alone, there are 400 new ornaments to choose from. Whether you are looking for an ornament to personalize with a photo, one that plays music or lights up, or even ones that countdown to Christmas morning, Hallmark has you covered for every person on your Christmas list.


The Han Solo Star Wars ornament is perfect for my husband. Always the hero and the one that strives for the common good, it’s a perfect fit for the leading man in my life.


This super cute Finding Dory ornament has sound and it makes me laugh because Dory sounds just like my toddler when he talks. All over the place, talking a mile a minute and wanting to talk to anyone and everyone. Aiden loves Dory too and spent most the summer running around with a squeeze water toy of Dory and splashing us all.


I love this sweet little ornament that features Elsa and Anna from Disney Frozen. It’s a perfect fit my little girl. She loves the melody behind the song it plays and bops along with it every time that she hears it.


One of my lucky readers will win all THREE of the ornaments above! To enter simply enter via the widget below!

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Trio

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