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Anyone else have a doll-obsessed kiddo? There are so many different types of dolls available, and my daughter LOVES being able to play with them all. When I first heard about the #FailFix Dolls, I knew that my littlest one would love them!

Unlike other dolls, #FailFix Dolls allow your kiddos to be the one in charge of the makeover. Instead of the dolls coming perfectly coiffed with their hair, makeup, and outfit all set, they come in what I like to call “hot mess” form — whether it’s from a rough night of sleep or playing with latest beauty trends that have gone wrong. I had to laugh because when we were first opening the packages, my daughter made a comment about how they reminded her of how “Mom looks in the morning.” LOL.

They’re definitely relatable — as when you first open the package #FailFix dolls have crazy hair, smudged makeup, and are wearing their bathrobe. I love that, instead of being “perfectly pretty” like most dolls, they embrace the real aspect that we’re not always on top of our game. I also really love that they took care to create a diverse line of dolls with different ethnicities and body shapes! #FailFix was even nominated and a Finalist for a Toy of the Year Award in the Doll Category!

With the #FailFix Dolls, children are in charge of the makeover (or you/they can embrace that hot-mess express life) to alter the typical play structure of fashion dolls. Each doll comes with everything you need to recreate the latest on-trend styles through a series of steps. It was such a fun treat for my daughter to be able to uncover one surprise after another. She loves surprises, and the anticipation of each step made her laugh and giggle each time.

To begin, you transform their makeup with the magic spa mask. When you “pamper” her with the mask and remove it, her new makeup is revealed.

After the mask, you can brush out her hair until it’s smooth. There are surprises hidden in her hair to find, including jewelry, shoes, and tools to style her hair.

Finally, remove the doll bathrobe to reveal one of three dresses for each doll.

Here’s a sneak peek of all the steps:

The process was super fun for my daughter. She loved the bright colors, gorgeous makeup, and fun outfits that came with her dolls. Since the face mask can be applied over and over again, the doll can endlessly transform from Fail to Fix for additional creative play!The fully moveable arms and legs were another major bonus. There are five #FailFix dolls of different ethnicities and styles, so there is a doll out there for every kiddo! At a low price point (under $20), it’s a great and affordable gift idea for the upcoming holidays.

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