I can’t believe that it’s already back to school time! I’ve been researching lately on activities to do with Aiden to prepare him for starting pre-school in a year. He’s at the age where he loves learning and is a sponge, especially anything to do with numbers, letters and colors. We love doing arts & crafts so I thought that it would be a great idea to make an art caddy to have the essentials available at all times and easily be able to move throughout the house too. I had an opportunity to partner with Duck Tape so I gave that a try as my craft medium and it turned out great!

art caddy with duck tape 1

Can you believe that this is made and decorated with Duck Tape? This easy to make art caddy is so simple to make and can be customized so easily since Duck Tape has so many different designs to choose from. They have over 250 prints and colors to choose from (ranging from modern prints, neutrals, neons, teams, cartoon characters and even more). There’s something for everyone and every project. While you can find Duck Tape at most retailers, for the best selection check out Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Walmart.

Today, I’ll be showing you how to make this super cute and functional art caddy. Obviously, you can use them to store anything of your choice, but pairing them with a few mason jars inside, they are perfect for storing markers, crayons, glue and easy to be carried.

How To Make a Duck Tape Art Caddy

What You’ll Need

  • Duck Tape (one roll will suffice, but I like using several colors)
  • Wood Crate
  • Scissors
  • Mason Jars
  • Glue
  • Embellishments (wood letters, stickers, fabric flowers, etc.)



1. Cover the sides with the handles first. Take pieces of tape the width of your crate and place them horizontally, slightly overlapping the tape in order to cover the wood completely.

2.  Use sharp knife or exacto knife to cut away the tape where the handles are (be careful).


3.  Place tape on the front slats. You want to be sure to fold them around the slats for a clean and seamless look (this may entail trimming the Duck Tape to fit better depending on the size of your crate.


4. Fill in front edges (those between the slats) with tape of the same color, if needed.

5. Cut duck tape to fit the top of the crate (above handles) and adhere to crate.

6. Apply embellishments using glue.

7. Add mason jars for organization and fill with art supplies.

above-shot art-caddy-

I loved using Duck Tape to personalize my project. There are SO many arts and crafts ideas you can do with Duck Tape that I would have never considered. I’ll definitely be keeping a lot of these in mind to do with my kiddos (I think my son would love all the car type crafts). Be sure to check out the Duck Tape Pinterest board for lots of ideas.


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Don’t forget to check out Duck Tape’s page for lots of great ideas, different products and their awesome Pinterest page for lots of back to school ideas!

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