As we head into mid September, I feel like it’s time to bring out all the fall themed decor. YAY! Our house has been a bit of a construction zone lately with all the renovations going on, so it feels great to decorate and finally get things a little bit back to normal these days.

One craft that I always find myself drawn to is glass and mason jar crafts. There are SO many different options out there that there truly is something for everyone. Rather than go out and purchase jars to use, I love being able to repurpose jars that I have leftover from cooking. The one bummer about that….removing those pesky and stubborn labels. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Goo Gone Spray Gel! This has cut down on my craft prep frustrations and saved me time and energy as well.


Goo Gone Spray Gel not only removes sticky residue from stickers, but can be used for removing sap, tape residue,  crayon (my walls definitely had some crayon drawings and are now back to new!), and nail polish from the floor. If you have kids, you definitely should keep some Goo Gone Spray Gel around for those sticky situations around the house.

These chalk painted glass jars are so easy to make! They’d be a great craft to do with the kiddos too! They can be used in so many different ways: candle holders, pencil holder, mantel decorations (would be super cute with letters and spelling out a name or “fall”, etc.).


  • Glass Jar(s)
  • Goo Gone Spray Gel
  • Chalk Paint (can use regular acrylic too)
  • Stencils (or make own)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Embellishments or accessories depending on how you plan to use yours.



Wash jar and remove label (don’t worry about the sticky residue…we’ll get to that next).


Spray sticky residue with Goo Gone Spray Gel and let soak in. Gently rub and viola! It’s gone!


Clean outside of jar with rubbing alcohol to help paint adhere well (not required but will yield best results).


Trace stencil onto your glass jar. I used a dry erase marker, but sharpie would work too (try to do a similar color to the paint you’ll use).


Paint the outside of the jar with your chalk paint. Paint around the the stencil. You may need to paint several coats. Paint all outside areas of the jar besides inside the stencil.


Let paint dry and decorate as desired.



For my painted jar, I plan on using it at my desk as a quick and easy decorative pencil and pen holder. As you can see, it can also be used as a luminary or candle holder. The stencil pack that I found at Walmart has so many different designs that I definitely will be doing a few similar craft projects throughout the year, especially since it’s so easy to remove the sticky residue using Goo Gone. I think that these would be great for luminaries at Halloween with ghost or pumpkin faces!


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