I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent lots of time with their families, took a moment to be thankful for all that you have and indulge on some of the goodies that are so popular this time of year. Although I had to work, I’m more than thankful to have a job in this tough time, a brand new house, an amazing and supportive husband and a healthy family that I can always count on. I count my lucky stars every day for being so happy and strive to fully appreciate everything, and everyone, that I have.

I’m also thankful that I came across Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean and Elle at Nutrionella blog’s because of the #Elf4Health challenge!

This challenge is great for the holiday season because it encompasses so many different aspects of health (nutrition, physical activity, emotional, philanthropy, you name it!) and also includes a HUGE network of support. This kind of thing is right up my alley of favorite things. Everyone can always use a cheerleader and pat on the back to help make them reach their goals. The health promotion and education nerd in me is loving this type of program and major kudos to the gal’s for organizing this huge challenge (over 600 participants in the first 2 weeks)! I love challenges that have a group mentality. Having a group of people for support makes it much easier when you may struggles, gives you someone(s) to bounce ideas off of and/or get motivation and helps to hold you accountable.
The challenge runs for 6 weeks with daily tasks, winners and sponsors, support through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Each person is paired up with a “health elf” for 2 week periods. The first period I am paired up with Bridget from British Columbia and from the bits I’ve gathered so far she is pretty darn hardworking and inspirational with the athletic feats that she’s already conquered (half marathons!). 
If you’re interested, you can still join! You won’t be paired up with a partner for the first segment, but you can still participate and sign up for a partner for the next round. 
Here’s a brief look at the current week’s tasks:

Go meatless today.
Show us what you make!

Good Elf Ideas: Email your buddy quick & easy veggie recipe to try – either one of your favorites or one you’ve been wanting to try. You can always share one of our picks below, too!

Send a card or handwritten note to a friend.

Include a small newspaper or magazine clipping that made you think of them.
Other possible recipients: a sibling, extended family member, a friend you’ve made through blogging/social media, a childhood friend, someone you haven’t talked to lately.

Try a new workout today!
Show us what you did to sweat!

Good Elf Ideas: Help your buddy find a new way to enjoy being active. If they’re at your fitness level, send them one of your favorite home workouts or ask them what they struggle with when it comes to exercise and offer other suggestons. If they are new to exercising, it can be as simple as taking the stairs twice per day or parking farther away from stores when running errands.

Get up 15 minutes early to meditate and reflect. 

Good Elf Ideas: Share an article about the benefits of meditation with your buddy.

How many colors can you eat today? Challenge yourself!
Post pictures of your colorful eats in our Facebook Group, on Instagram or by Tweeting. Email photos to your elves!

Good Elf Ideas: Send your buddy a recipe to try with lots of different colored veggies or a fruit salad. Tell them why it’s important to eat different colors!

You can see all the tasks for the next 6 weeks here and more information here. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #Elf4Health when posting!

Are you participating in #Elf4Health? What challenges do you think will be most difficult for you? Do you like having a group or person to hold you accountable?
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