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Can anyone else believe that fall is almost here? I feel like summer just started and here we are already pulling out our favorite cozy sweaters and whipping up pumpkin goodies. With some extra time at home and indoors, I’m taking advantage of this fall to spend a little more time on self-care. The last few months have kind of been a wash for self-care so I’m making self-care a priority this month. As a parent, it can be hard to find time for self-care when we are pulled in so many directions so I love products that are simple, quick and easy to use.

Below are a couple of my most recent self-care products that are perfect for a quick fall reset!

Custom Hair Dye from e-Salon

I have been thinking about going back to my natural hair color for a couple of months now and finally decided to take the plunge. Since I had previously lightened my hair, I had some MAJOR roots. Add in a significant amount of gray hair and my hair was a hot mess! I’m not quite comfortable going into the salon to have my hair done yet, so e-Salon was a great in-home option to refresh my hair and work towards getting back to my natural hair color.

e-Salon creates made-to-order, custom hair color individually crafted by a colorist based on your color goals. They take into account your current hair, hair history and you can even send in selfies so that they can customize a color based on your goals. Since I was going from blonde & gray to brunette, being able to talk to my colorist helped take out a lot of guesswork and worry as she was able to customize a color to help me work towards reaching my goals. After deciding on a my custom hair color, my kit was quickly sent out with my unique made to order color, personalized instructions, and everything I needed to color at home.

The e-Salon hair dye kit was easy to use and included everything I needed to transform my hair from blonde to brunette – including a filler for my lightened hair and a custom hair color for an all over brunette color. I was surprised at how easy it was to do! I went with a demi-permanent to ease into the transition. If you have significant amount of gray hair, a more permanent option might be best (it covered some of my grays and they look like highlighted bit of hair). The process was pretty easy and really liked the easy communication.

A Fool’s Paradise from Robyn Williams

One of my favorite ways to unwind and de-stress is with a good book that I can dive into. A Fool’s Paradise is next on my to-read list and I cannot wait to start this acclaimed page turner. A Fool’s Paradise is robust with suspense, romance, tragedy, humor and elements of the supernatural – a few of my favorite things when it comes to fiction. Also, the main character is a strong, smart and independent woman which makes me even more excited to read it! It sounds like the perfect book to settle on the couch with a mug of tea on a cool fall day.

Purchase the ebook, A Fool’s Paradise, here for only $4.49!

Lip Plumping Gloss from Grande Cosmetics

I’ve tried so many different lip plumping glosses and through them all, GrandeLIP Hydrating Lip Plumper from Grande Cosmetics is my all time favorite! Grande Cosmetics Lip Plumper is a high gloss and volumizing lip plumper that is packed with hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydrating results. In just 3 to 5 minutes after use, you’ll notice more voluminous lips and with continued use twice a day for 30 days, you’ll see an increase in overall lip volume. Unlike other plumpers, there is no stinging (just a slight tingle with use) and it’s cruelty-free too. The applicator is easy to clean which makes it perfect to use over other lip products (like lipstick).

Use code: SELFCARE10 for 10% off entire purchase on (one time use per customer & cannot be combined with other offers). Valid through 9/30/2020.

Hand Sanitizer from Born Basic

Let’s be honest, hand Sanitizer is the MVP for 2020. It’s a must and necessity to make sure that we’re all doing our part to stay healthy and safe. I’ve been loving this hand sanitizer from Born Basic. First off, hats off to a company that isn’t gouging customers on prices for a necessity. The price of Born Basic hand sanitizer is literally amazing and so much more affordable that any other brands that I’ve seen. The large 33 ounce container is only $5.99 (16.9 ounce = $3.99, 3 ounce = $1.99). I love that there are varying sizes for all your needs – the large one is perfect for donating for school use, love the 16.9 ounce to keep in the car and the 3 ounce is a must have in my purse and coat pocket.

Another major win is that Born Basic sanitizer is 62% instead of 70% alcohol or 65% alcohol – which is more moisturizing with less alcohol content but still effectively kills germs per FDA guidelines. Containing more than 60% alcohol content allows it to be a major germ fighter, with out being as drying on your hands. The easy to use formula glides on easily without leaving sticky residue and provides germ-free hands to keep you and those around you healthier this fall.

You can find Born Basic exclusively at Target stores. Learn more at their website:

Nail & Foot Repair from Kerasal

Between all the yoga I do, going barefoot and just being on my feet most of the day, my feet were looking rough! I’m talking dry skin and cracked heels kind of rough. You could tell that it had been awhile since they’ve had a pedicure or any TLC so my feet needed a little extra love. Kerasal has some amazing footcare products for all your footcare needs and allowed me to do a simple at-home pedicure with massive results.

Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair is one that I’ll be using again and again. With just one day of use, I could see visible results that helped hydrate, moisturize and exfoliate my dry, cracked skin. I love slathering this on in the evening and covering my feet with cotton socks to allow for the most intense moisturizing possible. When I wake, my feet are softer and I can see that painful cracks are beginning to repair. For those with nail issues, they have a great Multi-Purpose Nail Repair to help heal fingernails or toenails that have been damaged (due to Psoriasis, gel manicures, aging, or fungus).

You can find their Kerasal products at Amazon or Target.

How are you showing yourself some self-love lately?


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