Can you believe it’s already June! Don’t forget that Father’s Day is this month (June 18th)! Below I’m sharing a few of my favorite picks for the special, hardworking men and papas in your life. Most are Amazon Prime friendly so no worries about it getting to you in time. 😉 Disclaimer: May contain affiliate links. Some items were sent to me to facilitate this post.

Golfer Extraordinaire:

Tin Cup – These stainless steel personalized ball markers are perfect for the golfer on your list. There are hundreds of designs to choose from including customizable options! Let dad set himself apart with a ball that shows off his personality. All-in-one Stainless Steel Golfer’s Tool – This all-in-one tool has everything a golfer needs in one tool for a day on the greens that easily fits in their pocket. Ball cleaner, removable pen, divot repair, club cleaner, magnetic ball marker, and cleat tightener all in one gadget.

Ultimate Griller:

Weber iGrill2 – This Bluetooth enabled thermometer is the perfect accessory for the grill! Once you download the Weber app, you can use the thermometer by inserting the probes (comes with two) into your meats with real time updates and even alerts when your designated temperatures are reached! No more second guessing if your meats are done and no need to stay near the grill the whole time (150′ Bluetooth capabilities). Weber’s Greatest Hits Cookbook – I can’t wait to explore all the different recipes in this cookbook with my hubby and family. There is everything from main dishes, veggies, fruits, appetizers, desserts and everything in between. Perfect for foodie fathers! Weber Briquettes – Help dad infuse some intense flavor with no added chemicals into his already amazing meals! These briquettes are made from all natural hardwood charcoal and are perfect from charcoal grilling enthusiasts. They keep their grill working optimally with a long, consistent heat so less need to refuel.

Pampering Pops:

Van der Hagen Luxury Boar Shave Set – Let the men in your life pamper themselves with this premium shave set. The set includes: a 100% natural boar bristle brush to lift hairs for a closer shave, hypoallergenic shave soap, mug to keep shave soap warm while in use and a razor and brush stand. Perfect for a barber shop shave from the comforts of home.


Amazon Prints – I don’t know if you’ve heard about the new Amazon Prints service, but it’s pretty awesome! Available for Prime members, there are so many fun and unique gift ideas! Whether you’re looking for photo books, calendars, or mugs (and more), there is definitely something perfect for the Pop on your list. Canvas Pop – Snag a picture canvas for 50% off the next few days at Canvas Pop with code: HEARTB.  They are available in many different sizes, there is photo editing available within the service as well and you can upload directly from your Instagram for super simple gift giving. It took less than 5 minutes and I was able to place my order.

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Music Aficionado:

Kicker Bullfrog BF400 Outdoor Streaming Audio System – This is the Cadillac of outdoor audio systems! With 2 drivers and 2 subwoofers, this stereo packs a punch! Perfect for jamming on the patio, man cave, garage, tailgate, campaign, boating, or anywhere else. Simply hook up your phone to the stereo with Bluetooth (up to 100 feet) and enjoy some jams. With 360 degree sounds and a nearly indestructible housing, this is a system that will withstand many adventures.

Fitness Fanatics:

The Swoly Bible: The Bro Science Way of Life – Ok, the title totally makes me laugh, but this book is the must have for the lifting, meathead dads. Written with a comedic voice, this book has everything gym rat dads need to help them get swole and make gains. High Density Foam Roller – Help dads roll out those sore muscles and tension with an amazing foam roller. It increases oxygen and blood flow to help prevent muscles from stiffening up and getting sore, speeds up recovery time, increases flexibility and myriad of other benefits.


STAND magazine – I’m loving this magazine for the news and cause crusader savvy dads on your list, or as STAND likes to say, “the magazine for men who give a damn about being better men”. Originating in Michigan, STAND magazine has articles unlike any other men’s magazine focusing on topics that actually matter, are meaningful and that are progressive. It’s so amazing to see a magazine sharing something of substance, thought provoking articles and drawing attention to causes and issues that really matter in such an inspiring manner.

Have you finished your Father’s Day shopping? Any fun traditions that you do as a family?

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