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Thank you Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been thinking about starting your kids in swim lessons? I’m sharing our experience below and why Goldfish Swim School lessons would make an amazing Christmas gift for families! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to enter to win a two month swim package (only for Clarkston, MI location)!

A little over two months ago we started swim lessons for both of our kiddos at Goldfish Swim School in Clarkston and it’s been such a great experience for everyone. We had been thinking about doing lessons for several months, especially since we would like to install a pool at our home in the next year or two. I knew that there was no way that I would be comfortable having a pool at our home without our children knowing at least the swim basics and water safety tools.

Goldfish Swim School lessons are designed to be fun guided play that help to teach swim techniques and water safety. From the sidelines, you can watch as children laugh and play while learning and growing their swim skills at the same time in the warm 90º heated swimming pool. We signed both of our kiddos up for the group swim lessons (max of 4 kids per group) which allowed them to also interactive and bond with other kids that were learning to swim as well. They have swim lessons available for all ages, swim levels, privates and even a more advanced Swim Force for skilled swimmers.

Aiden (5 years old) was super excited about starting his weekly swim lessons and couldn’t wait to jump in, but Brielle was much more nervous and scared about getting in the water. The first few times that we brought Brielle, we had to help her become more comfortable with the lessons and the staff was SO helpful! Brielle found herself a bit attached to a few of the staff members and they jumped right in to help make her more comfortable in the classes. All the staff has been so accommodating to helping each child grow and learn in their own way, while making it a fun and empowering experience too.

Now that we’ve been in classes for about two months, I’m amazed at how much they’ve grown in terms of swimming skills and confidence in the water. Brielle is so happy to go to lessons now which is such an improvement over the beginning and has come to really enjoy the lessons. Aiden adores his teacher and it’s so fun to see how excited he gets when they are learning new techniques. Both kids are beginning to be able to swim on their own for a short length and getting stronger each week. I love that they focus on swim safety so much and it brings me so much peace of mind to know that they are learning the skills needed to help keep them safe around water.

I love being able to watch the classes from the comfort of the air-conditioned viewing gallery. One of the things that I love the most is that our kids classes are completely taught by the instructors and that we don’t have to get in the water too. LOL. I’d much rather be a proud spectator than to be in the water with the kiddos (they do have baby and parent classes if that’s your thing). They even had a snack bar where you can grab coffee & drinks while waiting and treats available for a post-swim snack.

The tropical inspired facility has everything you need to get ready pre and post-swim. With private changing rooms, bathing suit dryer, hair drying station, diaper station and the Treasure Island Pro Shop for anything you might need or have forgotten, it’s clear that Goldfish Swim School took families needs and desires into mind.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, swim lessons are a great gift idea!

5 Reasons To Gift Goldfish Swim School Lessons:

1. Less Clutter

Instead of another toy that will be played with for a week, giving the lifelong experience of learning to swim is such a great gift idea! Avoid overabundance of toys and messes, and give the gift of learning and safety instead.

2. Great Exercise

Let kiddos work off some of the never-ending energy in swim classes! Swimming is a great way to help children build confidence and strength in and out of the water!

3. Socialize

Swim classes are a great opportunity for children to meet new friends and socialize in a safe, fun setting.

4. Peace of Mind

Give parents and caregivers peace of mind by gifting swim lessons!

5. Lifelong Skill

Swimming is a lifelong skill that can be enjoyed and lifesaving.

Holiday Package #1
2 months of lessons
Bubbles board book
Clear tote bag
Plush Bubbles
Goldfish Towel

$175/current members $200/non-members
$250+ Value

Holiday Package #2
6 months of lessons
6 months of free family swim
4 free drop-in casual lessons
Bubbles board book
Clear tote bag
Plush Bubbles
Goldfish Towel

$504/members $529/non-members

Holiday Package #3
12 months of lessons
12 months of family swim
1 free Jump Start clinic (valid for Summer 2020)
5 free drop-in casual lessons
Bubbles board book
Clear tote bag
Plush Bubbles
Goldfish towel

$1,008 current/non-members
$2,140+ Value

For more information on Holiday Packages for Goldfish Swim School available in your area, click here.

The team at Goldfish Swim School in Clarkston is offering 2 months of group lessons + membership fee! ($200 value, only to be used at the Clarkston location) for one of my readers to win! To enter, follow the prompts below:

2 months of Goldfish Swim School group lessons

Have your kids taken swim lessons?

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  1. Nicole November 18, 2019 at 11:08 am - Reply

    Swim lessons are such a great thing for kiddos! And such a great idea for a gift!

  2. Heidi November 18, 2019 at 9:15 pm - Reply

    We did Goldfish lessons with our 6 year old. Can’t wait to start them without 6 month old.

  3. Christa November 19, 2019 at 10:36 am - Reply

    I’ve been wanting my 3 year old to learn how to swim. Giving lessons as a Christmas gift is such a fantastic idea!

  4. Shayla Marie November 19, 2019 at 11:24 am - Reply

    This would be such a wonderful gift, and wise one. Over the last two years I know two people that drowned and it makes me want to get lessons for my kids pronto, but I have six children and the lessons are so expensive! I’m going to have to rotate the kids for lessons.

  5. Sharon November 19, 2019 at 11:26 am - Reply

    Learning to swim is one of the most important things to make sure your kids do so they can love water and also make sure they are safe around it.

  6. Nadalie Bardo November 19, 2019 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    What an adorable gift to give! I had no idea that Goldfish did anything like this. But I love it!

  7. Jennifer Parker December 18, 2019 at 1:22 pm - Reply

    I have been thinking about signing my Granddaughter up at Goldfish. She loves to swim but I feel lessons are important for anyone around water. Crossing my fingers!

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