As part of my New Years goals, I wanted to work towards leading a greener and less toxic life. We have always been pretty conscious about the foods that we eat and drink and the products that we use to clean our home, but haven’t always been to best with what we put on our skin.

Both my husband and I have really sensitive skin which means that our children didn’t stand a chance when it came to skin sensitivity and issues. We’ve battled eczema with Aiden since he was an infant and Brielle has some dry skin issues as well. I was thankful when TotLogic reached out to me about trying their bath, body and hair care products because their products are a safe and non-toxic option for bath, body and hair care products for infants, toddlers and the whole family.

TotLogic discloses all of their ingredients and you will find that they consist primarily of plant and mineral derived ingredients. They are free of so many of the questionable ingredients that you find in many other products that are linked to less than desirable side effects and issues:

  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • DEA & PEG Free
  • Triclosan Free
  • Stress Free
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan

I was sent the 2 in 1 Wash & Shampoo, Bubble Bath, Lavender Bliss Body Lotion and Lavender Bliss Leave-In Conditioning Spray. First off, I love the scent of these products. It’s subtle and not overpowering unlike many bath products out there. The wash gently cleanses without leaving residue or irritating my children’s skin. It doesn’t say whether or not it is tear-free, but we never had any issues with it irritating her eyes and she’s kind of a crazy splash lady in the tub. LOL.

I was so excited to have a bubble bath option because other (synthetic) bubble baths always left my children’s skin dry, red and itchy. You do need to use a generous amount of bubble bath and be sure to pour it under the running water to increase the amount of bubbles that you get. My daughter loved the bubbles so much and you could see the joy in her eyes as she explored and splashed.

Both of my children’s hair is pretty short so I never used the leave-in conditioning spray on them to detangle, but did use it on my curly hair and it worked really well. I simply spritzed it on my hair after getting out of the shower and I had much less hassle detangling my hair. It left it moisturized and helped fight off the frizzies too.

We’ve been using the body lotion quite regularly and really enjoy it so far. We’ve had a couple of super dry areas on her arms that we had been battling awhile. After about a week of use, the spots are nearly gone, thank goodness!

If you’re looking for bath and body care products that are chemical free, made from natural ingredients AND that actually work, give TotLogic a try! I like that I can feel confident in what I’m putting on my children’s body and that I’m not skeptical about the safety of their products. This confidence allows me to put my energy and thoughts into what really matters, my family, instead of questioning the products that we use.

TotLogic makes additional products that allow you detox the the rest of your home too, Logic Products also makes eco-friendly cleaning products for the home, lice treatment and prevention, and grooming products for pets so be sure to check them out as well.

Do your kiddos love bath time or is it a struggle?

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