Teething. Teething is a dirty word in our house. The type of word that makes me want to run, cry, and cuddle my little babe all at the same time. Any been there, done that mom is probably cringing at the images and memories that come with that word. Sleepless nights, so.much.drool., biting (ouch…especially if you’re nursing), crying and fussiness. It’s a time that’s not fun for anyone.

When my son was a baby, I swear that he teethed forever. He was growing pearls in his mouth. Months and months would go by and he would have swollen gums and we’d think that his teeth were finally coming through and then it’d come to a standstill again. Finally at one year, he got his first tooth. Now that we’ve been through his, we’re now dealing with teething with our daughter. She’s been teething terrible lately and I’ve been doing all I can to help alleviate her pain. One of the major things that I’ve found to help is teething biscuits made from baby rice cereal.


Below is a simple recipe for teething biscuits, using items that you most likely have in your house.

As you can see below, she loves them! Actually, we all do! Baby, toddler, mama and dad all gobbled these up through the day. They remind me of a blander banana bread. I love that they are low in sugar and calories, so I can feel guilt free when the kiddos eat a few at a time. Plus, all the nutrients from baby cereal allows me to fuel their body and brain as well.





What are some things that you found that helped your teething babies?

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