Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner? I vowed to myself that I would get all my Christmas shopping and crafting done super early this year so I could enjoy every moment of the holidays without stressing. I have so many fun gift ideas that I can’t wait to make for friends and loved ones this year.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I wanted to share one of my favorite DIY gifting ideas so you can get an early start too: Homemade Lavender Mint Bath Salts.

I love gifting pampering beauty and bath products to the women in my life. As a mom, I know that one thing that I absolutely love is escaping to the quiet and solitude of a bath. There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot bath and having delicious smelling and soothing products to use. For an ultimate relaxing, yet uplifting scent I love pairing together lavender and mint. Pair these bath salts in a cute package with a good book and a bottle wine and you’re sure to make her smile.

DIY Lavender Mint Bath Soak Salts



Mix magnesium flakes, Epsom salt and lavender flowers in large bowl. Add essential oils and carrier oil while stirring continuously. Place bath soak mix into airtight containers (I love being able to reuse mason jars while adding fabric scraps for a bit of extra pizazz).

To use:

Add 1 cup of bath salts to running bath water. Relax!


You can switch up the essential oils with other scents of your choice (as well as the dried flowers). For this soak I chose to use magnesium flakes. Magnesium flakes are great for softening and hydrating the skin and a hot bath with them helps to soothe tired muscles.

When I’m making my own bath and beauty products, I most often turn to NOW® products. I was lucky enough to travel to and tour their facilities in late summer and I was so impressed with their attention to quality control and safety. In the past year, I’ve been paying much more attention to the ingredients that are in a lot of health and beauty care products and have been let down but how many icky chemicals are in most of them. I love the process of making my own and knowing exactly what ingredients goes into them, along with knowing that NOW is a company that I can trust.

Do you make your own beauty products?
Are you a DIY gift maker?

NOW® Solutions Essential Oils are very concentrated and can be irritating to the skin. Avoid direct contact with skin and always dilute essential oils before topical use.

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