It has been almost two months since the start of 2013. How are your resolutions going so far? Have you hit that “21 days to form a habit” point yet?

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I’ve been sticking to mine pretty well, except for one of my large ones, Blog once a week (at least).”
I’ve been failing hardcore on this one, which is ironic considering I wrote it on my blog. So thanks to Rob over at Rob Complains About Things for pointing out that I’m slacking on my resolutions.

Aside from the obvious, all my others are rocking out pretty good so far.

– Read 40 Books: I’ve knocked out 5 pretty stellar books so far, and am about to finish the 6th today (Hitman’s Guide to Housecleaning…twisted and entertaining read). So I’m about 17% through that goal. Any good recommendations for some books to add to the list? 
– Swear Less: I’m trying to think before speaking a bit more instead of running out the mouth.
– Run a 10k: This one hasn’t happened because apparently Mother Nature wants to torture me with more winter weather. So over it, but have been logging some solid gym and yoga time to keep in shape and build muscle and endurance.
– Get my 5k PR under 25 minutes: Will be a work in progress come spring and the above should help. I hate the dreadmill so until weather gets warmer that one will be put off a bit.
– Work toward being able to accomplish yoga inversions: Wham, Bam, I’m smacking this one outta the park! Pretty pumped at how I’ve been able to nail this one. #YogaADay, #InversionArmy, and #BalanceARMy on Instagram have been awesome for inspiration on this one.

– Blog once a week – FAIL. But I’m hoping to make some changes. I miss the catharsis that writing brings so I need to make this a priority. I need to stop nit picking and just write again.

Let me know how your resolutions have been going! Have you found anything or someone that  motivates you to keep going? It’s never too late to start or begin again.

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