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Like any other woman, I love treating myself to a trip to the salon and pampering myself at times, whether it’s a blowout, massage, cut and color, manicure, yoga studio subscription and so on. I have a really hard time paying full price for these services because they add up quickly and can be really expensive, but I still want to treat myself now and then.

I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper so I am always looking for ways to save money when shopping, and health, beauty and fitness services can definitely be expensive if you’re not careful. Aside from shopping the occasional sale or using coupons, one of the ways that I save a ton of money is using Groupon! Groupon has so many health, beauty and wellness Groupons in which you can save a substantial amount of money. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I had my hair done and DIDN’T use Groupon. Huge fan!


When I get that itch to be pampered, the first thing that I do is check Groupon and see what deals they have in my area. When I first started using Groupon I was surprised that there were so many great discounts in my area, especially since I’m not located in a big city. On average, I save 50% or more and often they even run other discount promotions alongside the already deep discounted services (for example, right now I can save an additional 20% off spa treatments). It’s great to be able to treat myself without feeling like I’m blowing our budget.

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Aside from using Groupon for health, beauty and wellness, I often use it to try out new restaurants and experiences. When vacationing, the first thing I do is pull up Groupon on my phone (they have an app), and check out all the deals that are in our destination. Since restaurants tend to be one of our highest expenses while traveling, this saves us SO much money! Groupon deals are great for birthdays and anniversaries too. I’ve used it SO many times for my husband (especially for golfing because they often have many places to choose from). If you’re not a Groupon user, definitely check it out and start saving!

Are you a Groupon user? What do you like to save on while using Groupon?

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