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I’m a big believer that your mindset can make a massive difference on the way you live your life. Often times we can get so wrapped up in a line of thought or thinking that it can overwhelm us and put a damper on what could otherwise be a day filled with so much joy and happiness. We get so caught up in what went wrong that we don’t see or notice the greatness or amazingness in our day. These are just a few of the reasons that have made me strive to be more bold and intentional in my life.

I’ve started a new routine of sitting down in the mornings with my 1850 Brand coffee and vowing to be more intentional with my time, actions and thoughts. Each day is filled with choices. Do we want to just drift through life or do we want to make bold decisions that can help guide and determine the tone of your day? For me, I’m ready to step up and take a bit more control of my life, my mindset and attitude to find more happiness, fulfillment and success.

Below are a few practical steps that have been helpful in living a more bold and intentional life. Hopefully they can inspire you to do so too!

Set Intentions

I’ve recently started setting monthly intentions in the last few months after being inspired by others doing so on social media. I grab a bold cup of the new premium 1850 Brand Coffee from Folgers, nestle myself in a quiet and comfortable space and take a few moments to think about what I’d really like to focus on this month. These don’t have to be huge things and can be something simple. For example, stretch daily, take 10 minutes to yourself in the morning, spend 30 minutes a day outdoors, laugh more.

Think about what would be your ideal day or life? What are the things that fuel your fire and what are the things that put it out? Sit down with a hot coffee, write it down and think about ways to make it happen. Take those small tenets of what you believe would be ideal and lead you to a happier, healthier day/week/month/year and set a plan in motion to make those items be more prevalent in your life.

Intentions aren’t something that need to be thought about seldomly either. Every bold day has a morning and I like to think of my mornings as a way to kickstart my day to be the best it can be. Most mornings I brew a cup of 1850 Brand Coffee, then take a few minutes to myself to think about what would truly bring me joy that day or things that will allow me to more bold and intentional through my day.

I’ve been loving on the bold, yet smooth taste of 1850 Brand coffee to help fuel my mornings. The fire-roasted grounded beans (I love the Black Gold dark roast as a pour over) lend such a rich taste and aroma that it just makes me want to move and take advantage of the day. Back in 1850, J.A. Folger started something new and innovative to help the prospectors as they sought their fortunes and this coffee fuels the fire of the bold hustlers and intentional go-getters.

Don’t Let Fear Guide You

We all have fears, especially when it comes to our goals and dreams (and if you don’t — dream bigger!), but you can’t let those fears take over. Big ideas and dreams can be scary and seem hard to grasp or impossible at times. If it were easy, then everyone would do it. Embrace the fear and take steps towards conquering it and making things happen.

Don’t Wait For Things To Happen, MAKE them happen

Things won’t change unless you do. Take steps everyday to work towards your goals. Perseverance, or grit, is everything when it comes to succeeding in life. Take small steps daily to make those big things happen. When you fall down or don’t succeed as planned, get back up and go for it again. Which leads me to…

No Means Try Again

I can’t tell you how many times I heard “no” when I started my own business. Was it frustrating at times? Of course! I took those “no’s” as way to grow and learned from each of them. I changed my thought process, wiped off the hurt and disappointment and tried again. Just because one person tells you no or that you fail once, doesn’t mean that you are destined to never succeed.

One of my favorite quotes that follows this thought is:

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?

Stop second guessing and take that chance (over and over if you have too)! Embrace the bold. Embrace the moments you’re uncomfortable as that’s when you grow the most.

Express Gratitude

Each day take note of the things that you are grateful for. This practice allows you to take note of all the amazing things in your life. This simple act, fuels a mindset of gratitude and allows you to become more appreciative of your life.

Stop Worrying About Others

Stop consuming your thoughts on what others think or what others are doing in their lives! Keep that energy on yourself and focuses on the things that make you happy or will help you to succeed. Comparison is the thief of joy and by always worrying about others, you focus less on what you can do to make your life more joyful.

Find a Tribe

Surround yourself with other people who inspire you and love them hard. Lift them up when they succeed and more importantly, lift them when they fall. By surrounding yourself with other awesome, motivated and inspiring people, you can find motivation and inspiration to keep you going when things get tough and to celebrate all the joys with.

Are you feeling motivated to live a bolder, happier and more intentional life? I challenge you to make your own monthly intentions!

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I’ve been LOVING pour over coffee so be sure to check out my tutorial here to see how easy it is and make your coffee routine a bit bolder!

Do you set intentions? Let me know what you intentions are in the comments!

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