The infamous Mom’s Night Out or as a like to call it, MNO. The event you SO look forward to: girl chat, wine, eating your own food while still hot and without having to feed or clean up a mess, FREEDOM. LOL. As much as I love the very occasional MNO, the one thing that always throws a wrench in it, is actually getting out the door. Getting ready to actually look presentable (you know, something besides yoga pants, a sports bra and booger free clothing) and on time with kiddos in the house should be an Olympic event.


Below are my tips on how to prepare for a Mom’s Night Out in 20 “easy” steps:

  1. Accept the fact that your children will be up at the buttcrack of dawn the day of the event. Good thing there’s undereye concealer and that you bought the industrial sized coffee from Sam’s Club.
  2. Start planning now for everything that needs to get done to get yourself out the house. Plan for 30 mini-disasters to pop up so multiply the time needed to get ready by 3.
  3. Pick out your outfit. Inspect for unexpected stains, sticky messes, baby spit up. Hide as far into your closet as possible to avoid issues.
  4. Verify with your husband or babysitter, what time they’ll be home or at your house. Tell them a half hour earlier to avoid the headache of being potentially late.
  5. Stuff the kids with as much as food as possible and wear them out in hopes of a duel nap so mommy has some quiet time to get ready.
  6. Miraculously, both kids fall asleep. Hide dog in the basement so his insane barking doesn’t disturb them.
  7. Jump in the shower. Enjoy for 2 minutes when your doorbell rings 20 times. Rookie UPS ignores note about not ringing the doorbell. Feel stabby.
  8. Both kids are now awake. Sopping wet hair. One shaved leg.
  9. Corral toddler in his crib with an iPad for some “quiet time” and lock baby in bathroom with you.
  10. Baby plays peekaboo with shower curtain as you rush to finish. Water everywhere.
  11. Attempt to do makeup while baby desperately clings to leg. Baby carrier it is. Poke yourself in the eye with eyeliner as the baby grasps with her death grip at your still wet hair.
  12. Give up on blow drying hair and go au naturel. Scrunchy gel is your bff.
  13. Put on your scrubby mom uniform because there’s no point getting dressed until you’re literally walking out the door unless you want to rock the scent of poo and sour milk.
  14. Phone call: husband is stuck in traffic. *facepalm*
  15. Toddler insist on using couch as a trampoline and his sister as a bumper car. Decide that it’s time for a glass of wine.
  16. Rush to get something for the kids to eat for dinner. Scrounge fridge to find that we really need to grocery shop. Frozen nuggets and peas…again.
  17. Husband is home with 15 minutes to spare!
  18. Retrieve clothes from back of closet and put them on. Admire how good you look when you actually can get dressed up.
  19. Come downstairs to baby screaming like she hasn’t ate all day. Nurse her to calm her. Baby spits up on shirt.
  20. Find the first clean shirt, holler your goodbyes and rush out the door. Find a baby puff on your butt while getting in the car. Eat that puff, jam your music and meet your girls! It’s MNO!

Looking for a fun night out with your friends? I’ve got you covered. Crossroads Village is hosting their 10th Annual Ladies Night Out on November 14th, from 4-9pm. This annual event hosted at the historical village in Flint, Michigan, is a one night event full of shopping, crafts, demonstrations, vintage rides, holiday lights, and much more for only $5 per person (which can be used later in the evening for $5 off a $25 purchase in any Crossroads gift shop). They are also partnering with Flint Handmade to bring in vendors selling their unique handmade goods, all which are perfect for jump starting your holiday shopping or just treating yourself.  If you’ve never checked out the village with all the holiday lights aglow, you must go see them because it’s absolutely beautiful.


For more information about Crossroads Village 10th Annual Ladies Night Out check out their site or their Facebook event.

One lucky reader will win 2 tickets for her and friend to attend the event. Enter below:

Crossroads Village Ladies Night Out Tickets


When is the last time you had a MNO? It’s been WAY too long here!

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