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With a to-do list that is never-ending, I always try to make sure that my health (and the health of my family) is at the top of the list. One major area that I’ve been focusing on lately is gut health. I’ve been dealing with some major bloat lately, so this was something that I wanted to work on reducing.

Gut health is so important to your wellness and overall health. Gut health is a balancing act and there are so many things that can effect it. When your gut health is “off” it can cause chaos and lead to feelings of sluggishness, incomplete digestion, and just feeling less-than-stellar. A healthy microbiome with beneficial bacteria and yeasts is one super easy and incredibly effective way to help support gut health for a more smoothly running digestive system.

One great way to help build a healthier gut is with probiotics. I recently added Activia Dailies into my diet and took the two week challenge! It’s been such a simple, easy and yummy way to get my daily dose of probiotics. Activia Dailies is a quick low fat yogurt drink packed with billions of live and active probiotics to help support your gut health.

With the two week challenge, you simply consume 2 Activia Dailies a day to help support your digestive health. According to Activia, consuming twice a day for two weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive discomfort, which includes bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort and rumbling. When I pour my morning coffee, I grab one and then I have another one in the evening after dinnertime (perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth too and only 70 calories). I’ve enjoyed all the flavors, but cherry is definitely my favorite!

The Verdict

After taking the 2 week challenge, I feel like I have less bloating and that I’ve had less rumbles. While I didn’t have many digestive qualms before the challenge, I definitely am appreciative of helping to reduce bloating (especially during swimsuit season).

Take advantage of some great Ibotta savings on Activia Dailies HERE and give the 2 week challenge a try! You can find them at Walmart in the dairy/yogurt aisle.

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