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Although I try to live a pretty healthy life, I have two vices: coffee and wine. A morning coffee is a must to get me motivated and my brain thinking clearly and a nice glass of red wine is well deserved after the hustle and bustle of mom life. While I love the energy and relaxing vibes from both, I absolutely hate how it stains my teeth. Prior to kids, I was never really a coffee or wine drinker, so seeing my teeth become more stained over time has been such a bummer.

I have tried several different whitening products in the past, but was never thrilled with my results or the process. Teeth whitening strips were a pain to use and only had mediocre results and teeth whitening toothpastes left my teeth super sensitive so I could never use them for too long. I has recently looked into professional whitening from my dentist, but couldn’t believe how much it would cost ($400) and I didn’t really have the time to be able to go in and out of office visits to have molds made or whitening treatments. I was so thankful when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying their teeth whitening system.


Smile Brilliant is an at-home whitening system that is so easy to use from the comfort of your own home. What’s great about Smile Brilliant is that your trays are custom fitted which has so many benefits and ensures optimal whitening. They also have choices for those with sensitive teeth which was super important to me.


Each kit includes:

  • 2 Impression Trays
  • 3 Set of impression material that includes catalyst and base paste (1 extra in case you mess up)
  • Professional lab service that makes your custom fitted trays
  • Custom fitted teeth whitening trays
  • 3 way postage
  • Professional teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel (if applicable)


The process is super simple and quick too. When I received my initial kit, I mixed the catalyst and base paste and put the mix into my impression trays. I gently pushed the trays into my mouth (you do lower and upper teeth at different times) and left it there until the impression material slightly hardened (a few minutes). Gently remove, let dry overnight and them ship them off to be made into custom trays. Within a week and a half I had my custom whitening trays back and was ready to start whitening!

The whitening process is super simple. You simply fill your trays with whitening gel (each syringe allowed me to whiten 3 times), place in your mouth and wait. The trays are super comfortable and easy to use. I expected them to be bulky, but they are really thin and you can even talk with them in which surprised me. I loved being able to be home and whiten and still get things done around the house. Each time I used the whitening system I would leave it in a bit longer just to make sure I didn’t have sensitivity issues. I was SHOCKED that I never once had sensitive teeth from using this product. I rarely even used the desensitizing gel because it wasn’t needed.



Bottom line:

I had drastic results from my first use and was hooked! I absolutely love my brighter and whiter smile. I love the ease of use, how well it works and that I don’t have sensitive teeth from using it. The price is SO much more affordable than going to my dentist and it really is such a great product and service. My husband is definitely wanting a kit for himself (perfect Christmas present!) after seeing my great results.






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