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Lately I’ve been making a great effort to provide one on one time with each of my children. In the hustle of our days, often neither child is getting much personal attention and I am finding that it is so important for both parent and child to have that time to connect and bond with each other.

I’ve felt this tug on my heart to spend more time together most heavily with my oldest and even more so as he is about the venture off to preschool in the near future. To put it lightly, his younger sister is a handful; full of spunk and keeps me busy chasing after her all day long. Often this means that my oldest tends to have more time on his own, less personal attention and gets a bit lost in the shadow of the craziness of taking care of his 1 1/2 year old sister.

These individual moments are great for reconnecting and solidifying our bond. I can feel and notice such a difference in how we interact with each other after our one on one dates. These dates allow him to feel special and important and I encourage you to try to spend more individual time with your children as well. I like to think of it as a way for them to fill up their heart and build confidence. To know that they are loved and amazing because of exactly who they are.

I always take a moment to pause and really reflect and truly watch my child to see their special nuances and characteristics that sometimes get overseen in the daily grind. I find that my children open up more and our discussions really bloom without distractions or having to compete against their sibling.

Our dates are never anything extravagant or crazy special. Most of the time we simply go downtown to take a walk around town, head to our favorite store (Target, of course), play at the playground, grab ice cream or pick up some books to enjoy together at the library. Prior to these dates, I love taking time to choose fun outfits that complement each other. Thankfully, both my son and I are huge shoe fans (or as he calls them, “kicks”) and can always find something to agree on when it comes to footwear. Lately we’ve been loving on our Reebok Classic Leather Shoes!

This iconic sneaker has classic style and has been around forever (created in 1983 as the first running shoe made of leather).  I love this style as it can be worn from gym, to street to every day wear due to it’s classic, athleisure street style. We get so many compliments our Reebok Classics when we wear them out together and having shoes that are comfortable to wear is key when it comes to keeping up with this guy.Right now you can take advantage and get free expedited shipping with code CLASSICFAST here.


Remember, It’s not so much about what you do, but spending quality time together in which you can solely enjoy each others company and connect without distractions. Taking just an hour or two once a week to spend nurturing that bond and connecting with your children can make such an impact on your relationship.

Do you go on one on one dates with your kids?
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