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With the transition to distance learning at home, music has been a lifesaver for creating fun moments throughout our day to immerse ourselves in music, art and movement. Putting on some kid-friendly tunes can be a huge mood-changer when we need a positive boost or a break from school. One of our favorite resources is GoNoodle!

I first learned of GoNoodle when we transitioned to distance learning. GoNoodle is a great resource that engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. GoNoodle videos benefit kids’ physical wellness, academic success, and social-emotional health through music and movement. GoNoodle offers a ton of great music and activities free for both parents and teachers and as a mom of two little ones: it’s a lifesaver!

My son’s teacher would start the day by having all the kids in the classroom get up and moving to fun tunes that are perfectly upbeat, silly and fun for kids. It was amazing seeing how these little moments provided positive interaction between students and teachers and a boost of movement and fun to an otherwise ordinary distance learning morning. After taking a few minutes to move and groove with GoNoodle, the kids would be more focused and ready to learn. It really was amazing to see the transition in terms of how 5 minutes of mindful movement could prepare the kids to be ready to be attentive learners.

They just released a new CD, Best of GoNoodle, and we couldn’t wait to check it out! With so many silly songs, like Banana, Banana, Meatball and Don’t Read Like A Robot (my son’s favorite), the kids are always grinning and laughing non-stop. The new CD has all of our favorites in one place! The great thing about all the GoNoodle songs, not only are they fun but they’re often educational and prompt kids to play and move in particular ways throughout the songs for easy entertainment and guidance. Music can be a great pathway to improving literacy, communication and developing physically through movement (jumping, clapping, etc.).

It’s not unusual for us to use GoNoodle several times throughout the day to sprinkle in fun and some extra movement. I love the convenience of the new CD that makes it easy for our kiddos to pop it in and initiate fun and movement on their own. You can purchase the new Best of GoNoodle CD here and it’s available in Target and Barnes & Noble stores too.

We love popping in the new Best of GoNoodle CD and letting the kids shake out all that energy. A few fun and simple music and games that we enjoy are below.


Follow The Music

One of the things that I love the most about the Best of GoNoodle CD is that most of the songs prompt kids for fun movement through cues in the songs. My kids move along to the beat and words and get out all that crazy energy (especially a lifesaver right now with cool weather settling in).

Freeze Dancing

Have kids stop and start dancing to the music. When the music stops, everyone freezes. Add a fun variation by yelling out a pose when the music stops, like dog, football, frog, etc., and each person has to freeze into a statue of that pose.

Music Writing

This one is less movement, but a great way for kiddos to really tune into the music. For this activity, blindfold your child and give them a blank piece of paper and crayon or marker. When the music starts, have them draw while blindfolded to the music. For slower and quieter tempos, envision flowy drawings and for more upbeat, more excitable drawing movements.


Grab a broomstick or wrapping paper roll and play limbo to the music.

Make Homemade Instruments

Make homemade instruments out of boxes, tins, jars, etc. to play along to the music. Fill jars with different sound makers (pennies, beans, rice) and have children notice the different sounds that they each make.

Musical Balloons

This is one that is played with several people (have the whole family play). You’ll have one balloon and have everyone bounce the balloon in the air to the music while dancing. When music stops, everyone freezes and whoever is holding the balloon wins.

Animal Dance

Start a song and name an animal that everyone has to dance like. Simple and silly and you’ll all be rolling on the floor laughing before too long.

Toss The Gift

Wrap a treat and small toy in wrapping paper layers (the more the better). Start the music and have players toss the gift back and forth. When the music stops, the player holding the gift removes a layer. The last person to unwrap the paper, get’s the treat or toy.

Put on a Rock Show or Music Video

My kids LOVE putting on shows. Have them get creative and put on a show for you and friends/family. They create costumes, sets, dance moves, and more. Video their performance to watch back and to share with family.

Do your kids love dancing too?

Don’t forget to learn more and check out the new GoNoodle Best of CD in stores now and online at

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