With our oldest being 100% daytime potty trained and turning into a three-nager, we decided that it was finally time to upgrade his room to a big boy room. The crib has been transformed into a toddler bed (I can’t believe that he never tried climbing out) to help him be able to get up at night to use the bathroom (we’re still working on nighttime potty training so hit me up with your favorite tips). His nursery curtains are switched, decor is ordered for the walls, a teepee has replaced his rocking chair and he has the cutest new rug to complete the look.

I’ll be doing a post a few weeks from now focusing on his finished new room as part of my upcoming House to Home series, but for today I want to tell you how much I LOVE his new rug from Lorena Canals and how I wish that we had one so much sooner.



Lorena Canals rugs are different than most of the other rugs out there because they are machine washable! As a mom to two young kids, having a rug that is easy to clean makes all the difference in the world. Anyone with kids knows how messy they can be. Despite my best efforts, I can’t tell you how many times that I have had to stain treat and clean our carpets to get out messes (crushed crackers, spilled milk, butt cream from diaper change battles). Having a rug that I can simply throw in the washer has been a godsend. I seriously wish that I had this so much earlier. It would have saved me so much time and effort and decreased my stress when those accidents occurred.



Aside from the amazing-ness of machine washable rugs, they are super well made, soft and there are so many choices to choose from. They are perfect for kids rooms, play rooms and they even have more modern styles that are perfect for family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways (I love the runners since I find that those tend to be the dirtiest areas of our carpets). I definitely see a few more of these being used in our home in the near future!


I love the bear design rug for Aiden’s room and it makes such a fun statement in his wilderness inspired room. I can’t wait to find pieces to compliment the rug and make his room feel complete. If you’re planning on decorating a nursery, playroom or just want an easy to care for rug, definitely check out Lorena Canal rugs; you won’t be disappointed!

Disclosure: I was given a Lorena Canal rug in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and I would never recommend a product that I don’t truly love and enjoy. 


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