Lately I’ve noticed lots of attention on Twitter and Pinterest regarding bucket lists, in particular fitness inspired lists. Seeing all of these great ideas and goals totally captured my attention and inspired me to make my own. I LOVE the concept of getting it all down on a list, goal setting and taking the steps to make it happen. There are so many things that I want to do, but the following are a few of the most important ones to me:

Run the CRIM (10 mile), Tough Mudder, run a 8k, run a half marathon, basically run MORE! – There are so many fun races that I am constantly finding more and more that I’d love to do. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one or two. I had planned on running the CRIM 8k this summer but my recent foot injury might prevent that. 🙁 Other items along the lines of this, I’d love to also run more races for causes and run a 5k in under 25 minutes.

Receive my personal trainer and CHES certification – I’ve yet to decide whether to go with ACE or NASM for personal training so if you have any input that would be awesome! The CHES is something that I would love to get for health education and am hoping to do this fall.

Do a triathlon! – I’ve always thought that this would be awesome to do and saw one this past month. The only thing really holding me back: swimming!

Go white water rafting. – Looks like so much fun, adventurous and have heard rave things about it.

Try rock climbing (non-indoor facility) – I love rock climbing indoors so super excited to do this. I’ve already made plans to do this over the summer in West Virginia so I can’t wait! Also will notch another thing off my list while on this trip (climb a mountain) so double win!

Go paddle boarding. – Hoping to find somewhere nearby to do this over the summer. Looks really relaxing and potentially a good arm workout.

Go heli-boarding. – Terrified to do this, but so desperately want to! I love snowboarding and the extremes so this would completely satisfy it all.

Learn to box. – Learning to box would be so empowering.

Be able to do more inverted yoga poses – I’ve managed to do a few, but need to work on more upper body strength to get there, but will one day (soon!). This video is one of my favorites:

Amazing, right?!?!

Volunteer with Girls on the Run or a similar organization. – I love so many things about this organization. I found out about it late in my college career and was so sad I was never able to participate. The new community I have moved to doesn’t have one so maybe I can help to initiate one in the area.

Motivate others to live fit and health lives.This is incredibly important to me. I love inspiring and educating others on living and leading a healthy life. It’s empowering to help people realize that they have the potential to change their lives for the better. I love that preventative health is finally coming to light and having more attention brought to it.

Aside from this list there are so many more and the list will continue to grow I’m sure. For my complete list you can check out my Pinterest board here: Fitness Bucket List. I’ve included on there a few that I’ve already completed to and hope to update it as time goes on. My completed tasks so far: Help plan a 5k, Warrior Dash, Run a 8 minute mile, indoor rock climbing.

What are a few things that are on your fitness bucket list? Do you have ones that you’ve already completed?

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