Christmas is over and I can’t believe how quickly it flew by.  It seems like every year it goes by quicker and quicker.  We had a wonderful Christmas (3 actually) with our families and I hope that everyone had a fabulous one as well.  It’s been nice the past few weeks to see our family more often since we have been able to travel downstate.  Every time we go down, we always keep an eye out for our next dream house for the day when we finally move back down there (within a few years).

Speaking of Christmas, I got some amazing gifts.  I’ve had my eye on one thing for quite some time and finally have it! The husband did a great job and bought me the Silhouette SD!!

I finally had a chance to play with mine today since we were back in town after being gone the holiday weekend.  I LOVE it…already! I spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon playing with it.  I had never used any type of scrapbook/craft cutting device before so I was a little apprehensive, but it was so simple.  I love how many different types of projects it can do.  Today I worked on a Thank You card for our parents (only got one done though — need more paper) and also made a cut out box.

I used a template for this since it was the first project I was doing.
So much easier than trying to do any of this by hand.

I plan on working on another card to send to the in-laws this week! Hoping to pick up some double sided paper tomorrow for several projects.  It came with a $10 gift card and I bought several other templates for thank you cards since I love them (I have a basket full of them, but handmade ones are so much better!)
The box template once it was cut & waiting to be punched out.
Lots of punching out to be done.  Not gonna lie, was a bit tedious
after awhile but also one of the most labor intensive ones.
All punched out and put together.  Need to tape together
at top once I get battery operated tea light for inside.
Won’t it be gorgeous lit at night?
Best craft glue…ever!
Messy desk…need to upgrade!

I can’t wait to learn everything that this machine is capable of!

Does anyone else have one of these nifty machines?  Any favorite crafts you’ve done or seen?  Any must follow blogs for scrapbooking/Silhouette lovers?  

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