How many of you breastfeeding mom’s have found themselves awkwardly crouched over with the hem of their shirt in between their teeth or tucked under their chin while nursing their babe? *raises hand*

How about the groping, squishing or poking of your breasts to figure out what side you nursed on last (please tell me that I’m not the only one that does this)? *cough, cough*

Or even worse, baby latching and unlatching non-stop while batting at a shirt that’s covering their sweet, little face? *yep*

Annoying, right?


Thankfully, NursElet has created a nifty and cute product that solves all those problems.


The NursElet nursing bracelet (invented by a mom!), simplifies nursing by securing mom’s shirt while nursing baby (or pumping). This prevents the shirt from falling and draping into baby or toddlers face during breastfeeding, which means less distractions, more comfortable nursing (no hunching), less baby wriggling and more viewing of those sweet baby cheeks. When not being used for nursing, it serves as a stylish bracelet that can remind you of which breast to use nextย  (I always place mine on the wrist that I last nursed on).


The NursElet attaches easily with velcro, which also makes it simple to adjust for all different size wrists. They come in a wide array of beautiful colors and prints and they even offer organic cotton fabric! I love that they are machine washable and reversible too, in case of messy accidents (with kids, accidents and spills are bound to happen). The original NursElet bracelet is $15 each or two for $25. They are perfect gifts for baby showers!


NursElet waas super generous and is offering a giveaway to my readers! Enter below for a chance to win a bracelet for yourself or a loved one.

NursElet Nursing Bracelet

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