2017 Toyota Sienna Review

The uncool stigma of a minivan has plagued the car style for years. I must say, it has really always been a deal breaker for us when purchasing a new vehicle. While the stigma may be there, car companies are becoming more aware that they need to shift the perception and Toyota has done a great job with the Sienna.

It was our first time behind the wheel of a minivan and it was a pleasant surprise. Powered by a 3.5L direct-inject V6 engine, the vehicle had plenty of get up whenever needed. The Sienna XLE takes cul-de-sac cred to the next level with it’s sporty design, aggressive mesh front grille, bold headlights and taillights, and 19-in. wheels. Overall, the vehicle handled extremely well, drove comfortably and featured a wraparound dashboard design that left the controls closer to the driver to more easily keep you and your passengers comfortable and entertained at all times.

Stand out Features on the Sienna

Panoramic View
Honestly, the first thing I noticed when I stepped in was the windows and view-ability around the entire vehicle. I mean, there were windows everywhere! It made the interior seem incredibly large. In fact, it was so noticeable, our 3-year-old named it the “Big Window Red Car”.

2017 Toyota Sienna
2017 Toyota Sienna

All Wheel Drive
Living in Michigan, I gravitate towards any vehicle that is all wheel drive for our family. With the unpredictable winters, it’s almost a must. All wheel drive is reliable not only in the snow but rainy months. I was pleased to see the feature along with a nice size wheel base to match.

Cargo Capacity
Folding the seats down is seriously like having a large bed pickup truck with a cap. This bad boy could easily haul sheets of drywall or plywood with ease. The seats allowed for a quick fold down to really maximize use of the space on the go.

2017 Toyota Sienna

Noise Reduction
Normally the larger the vehicle the more noise. The Sienna was built for drivers, with 140 spot welds in the chassis to help stiffen the body, smoothing the ride and improving response. Air-fin stabilizers also help smooth out airflow, reducing wind noise and improving efficiency.

Fuel Economy
With such a large sized AWD vehicle, I was surprised of the fuel economy. Rated at 18 MPG city and 24 MPG highway, the Sienna is far more superior in fuel economy to other vehicles of it’s size and class.

Overall, the Sienna XLE is just as fun for kids as it is for adults. Whether it’s for a parents’ night out or an early-morning practice, you can roll up in style, comfort and performance.

What’s your take on the minivan?



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