Is there anything sweeter than looking over at your kids and see them cuddled in with a blanket and a book? I don’t think so! I’m so glad to see that my love of reading is being passed along to Aiden. He LOVES reading so much and one of his favorite times of day is at bedtime when we read a few books before he lulls off to sleep. Lately he’s been wanting to “read” to his sis too which makes my heart swell. Brielle is really taking an interest with picture and board books so I’ll likely focus on those favorites next month. This months favorites are aimed at preschool age and beyond.


November Favorite’s:

The Moon Inside by Sandra V. Feder (pictures by Aimee Sicuro)

With the arrival of Daylight Savings Time, this book was perfect timing. This books main character struggles with being afraid of nighttime and darkness. The main character learns to appreciate nighttime and darkness by connecting with nature. I love that the book encourages children to connect with nature and embrace the darkness instead of making it a scary and fearful thing. I cannot get over how absolutely beautiful the illustrations in this book are. I want to cut out the pages and frame them because they are so stunning. My son loves nature and animals so this was a perfect book for him, especially as he is in the age where he is developing more fears of darkness.



Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

I loved the creative, imaginative and enchanting vibe of this book. The main character, Harold, goes for a walk and with his purple crayon creates page after page of adventures. My son loved watching Harold proceed from one scene to another with the help of his crayon and I loved that this book fostered great imagination.

The Book of Heroes by Crispin Boyer and The Book of Heroines by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

I was sent these books via Moms Meet and while it’s a bit advanced for my children right now, I can’t wait to share this with them as they get older. These books are curated through National Geographic Kids, which is always a favorite in our house. I love the bright vivid pictures and the wide array of heroes and heroines from all different genres (sports, science, philanthropic, historical, legendary). It’s very seldom that you find an entire book devoted to heroines and I love that I’ll have this book to show my daughter when she’s older with so many great and inspiring role models that faced adversity heads on.


My Pancakes Taste Different Today by Heather Wood Galpert and Bruce Galpert

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m probably more excited about this book than my son (but most of that is because he’s not quite old enough to see the big picture). This book would be a bit more suited to children 5+, but my son (almost 3 years old) did enjoy it, especially because it talks about one of his favorite foods, pancakes! This book is perfect for demonstrating to kids the importance of personal responsibility in protecting the environment and for teaching kids where food comes from and the process of how food proceeds from field to table. The environmental, biology and conservation nerd in me loves that this is being addressed. The book illustrates how ones actions can have an impact on the environment and continues to show how with help and action, mistakes can be corrected.

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Suess

We LOVE Dr. Suess and have read The Cat in the Hat hundreds of times, so this was a refreshing change from our normal read. Aside from the catchy rhythm and cadence in this book, we loved how much it touched on the alphabet. We are in a big alphabet and letter recognition kick, so this was great timing. Aiden loved following the story and seeing how a big mess (from the always mischievous Cat in the Hat) was cleaned up with the help of the Cat in the Hats friends, Little Cats A-Z, they were able to avoid catastrophe before mother came home.


One lucky reader will be win the National Geographic Set of books, The Book of Heroes and The Book of Heroines. To enter, leave me a comment below with your favorite children’s book!

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