Awhile back I wrote a guest post for The Scientific Parent, a public health blog that is curated by some awesome mamas. The post discusses playdates and sick kids and the chaos/sickness that follows.

There is nothing that drives me crazy more when parents bring their sick kids to play dates and events. I understand wanting to get out and not wanting to cancel, but I’d much rather re-schedule than start a weeks long process of sickness moving through our house, especially with a newborn in the home.  This post was the love-child borne after our family became ill after a well-meaning visitor came to our home. Their intentions were good, but the remnants of their illness set our family on a month long process of sickness moving from one person to another and several long nights with a miserable toddler.

If you’d like to check it out, click HERE.  While you’re there, show the site some love and check out the other fabulous, fact-based posts by other medical and public health professionals.



What’s your thoughts on sick kids and play dates? 
What do you consider too sick to be able to participate? 


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