This adorable turkey vegetable tray is perfect for serving for Thanksgiving and fall! It’s so easy to put together and always a crowd favorite!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I can’t wait! Thanksgiving is easily one of my favorite holidays (but let’s be honest – I love any reason to celebrate and cook yummy food). I’ve been working on planning our Thanksgiving menu, including lots of yummy snacks and appetizers for everyone to enjoy.

I love simple and easy appetizer and snack ideas like this super cute and playful turkey vegetable platter! I’m always looking for ways to encourage my kids to eat more veggies. Sometimes simply dressing them up in a fun way – like this turkey veggie platter – can be just what they need to entice them to snack on vegetables. To make it even better, it doubles as a super cute centerpiece for your next Thanksgiving get together. When everyone is anxiously waiting for the big turkey dinner, this is a great option to keep everyone happy with something to nibble on until dinner time!

A few tips for making a turkey vegetable platter:

  • Add color: Add lots of colorful vegetables! The more colors the better (and added nutrition too). For the easiest assemble, cutting vegetables to lay flat is easiest, but don’t shy away from “bumpier” vegetables like cualiflower and broccoli
  • Get the kids involved: This is simple enough that the youngest cooks in the family can help out!
  • Switch up the dip: You can use whatever type of dip you prefer. A few of my favorites:
  • Customized to your preference: Add all your favorite veggies and customize to you diet and families preferences.
  • Can be prepped ahead of time: Most of this can be prepared ahead of time to save you time on Turkey Day
  • Use an oval shaped platter: An oval shaped platter gives you plenty of space for your dip and vegetables.


Looking to add some fruit to your table: use fresh fruit instead and serve with yogurt fruit dip or brownie batter hummus!

Turkey Vegetable Tray

To Assemble:

  1. Use a large oval platter. At the bottom of the platter, place your dip of choice (use a small to medium bowl).
  2. Assemble your vegetables around the plate, lining up contrasting colors as you build your turkey.
  3. To make the turkey face:
    1. Cut off the bottom of a bell pepper. Add the bottom of the pepper to your vegetable dip to be the base of the face.
    2. Add 2 candy eyes (you can use dip as a glue).
    3. For the turkey mouth, cut a baby carrot in half and notch out the end to form a mouth. Add a slice of red pepper below the beak to be the wattle (the hanging part off the turkeys mouth).

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