Most mamas out there can relate to the plight that can come when trying to feed your toddler. Some days Aiden will eat anything and everything and then some days…well, getting him to eat his absolute favorite foods can be a fight. On those fighting food days, I try to do what I can to make food fun in order to try to help incentivize Aiden to eat at least a little something (I know, he’s fine not eating a lot every day, but I feel better with him going to bed with at least some food in his tummy…and it prevents 5 AM wake-up calls). Bright, fun tableware is definitely one of the tools I use to help get Aiden more interested in eating.

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When I came across Re-Play Recycled, I was instantly intrigued. The bright and fun colors caught my attention so I knew that he’d love them too! The really neat thing about Re-Play tableware is that it’s made out of recycled HDPE plastic which is basically….milk jugs! The use of recycled plastics saves SO much energy and helps to keep more garbage out of landfills. Plus it can be recycled over and over again. My eco-conscious hippie heart loves this about these products! They are even sustainable when it comes to their business practices. Their molding plant, warehouse and packaging are also within reasonable distances to lessen their carbon footprint.

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Another huge factor that makes me feel great about using Re-Play Recycled products is that they are safe to use! Unlike some other tableware materials, HDPE is also BPA-free, Phthalate free, and PVC free. Some of the other plastics can leach chemicals into your food (ewwww), with melamine being one that has had some safety concerns over the years (and many, many tableware out there is made from melamine).


Re-Play Recycled is extremely durable. Toddlers can be rough, tough and downright destructive sometimes and these plates, bowls, snack cups and utensils can take a beating. A lot of kids tableware feel cheap and flimsy, but Re-Play Recycled is super sturdy and definitely doesn’t crack like some of their competitors. They wash easily (dishwasher safe with no melting or fading) and they don’t absorb food colors (like spaghetti sauce) so stains are prevented.


For this review, Re-Play Recycled sent me the complete toddler feeding set in aqua. I LOVE this color!

Set includes:

  • 1 Spoon and 1 Fork
  • 1 Divided Plate
  • 1 Bowl
  • 1 Drinking Cup
  • 1 Spill Proof Cup
  • 1 Snack Pod

A few of my favorite things about each part of the set:

  • The utensils have a large handle, which is perfect for learning toddlers (they are a little large for younger kids). The spoon is nice and deep too to make it easier while learning to scoop
  • The different compartments in the plate is perfect for kids that hate having their foods touch! Also, it makes me be a bit more creative and feel like I need to have different foods for each compartment.
  • The bowl has deep walls to help keep everything in and less mess.
  • The drinking cup is easy to hold and perfectly pint sized for toddlers. They stack too (I hate non-stacking tableware)
  • We haven’t used the spill proof cup much as my kiddo doesn’t like sippy cups, but I experimented with it and this thing doesn’t leak! It’s valve is super easy to clean too (anyone else have a hard time find straw cups that are simple to clean?!).
  • I love these snack pods and that you can screw them together. The lids stay on well in the diaper bag so you don’t have any unexpected messes.



Re-Play Recycled can be purchased online at their website and also many large stores like Target and Walmart. You can check their store locator for a location near you.

Giveaway Time!

Re-Play Recycled is being super awesome and giving away a feeding set to one of my readers (U.S. only)! To enter simply leave me a comment below with what color feeding set you would choose! For additional entries, check out my Instagram giveaway post too!

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Be sure to show Re-Play Recycled some love on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’m loving their Pinterest boards as there are SOOOO many awesome ideas.

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