Five years ago, my husband surprised me with a surprise anniversary trip to San Franscisco (awesome right? Major points to him). That was definitely one of my favorite destinations that we have been to and I really hope to visit again someday in the not so distant future. While there, we rented hybrid Trek bikes and it was the best decision that we made. Since we were there for a long weekend we wanted to see as much as we could in a short period of time and the bikes gave us the ability to do so. Riding bikes there reminded us so much of how freeing and fun it can be zooming around on bikes. San Francisco consists of hill after hill and provides an intense workout, whether walking or biking. We definitely got an intense workout everyday navigating those hills.

Anyways…that trip ignited our desire to have some bikes of our own and today we finally took the plunge and made the investment. Now that were settled in our home and Aiden is old enough to ride in a trailer, we felt like it was the perfect time. We bought 2 Schwinn hybrids, a tow behind bike trailer and helmets (must have!!) for everyone. I cannot wait to get out and cruise around (we still have to install the hitch and rack on the car to get them home).

A’s styling ride. It’s a Schwinn Echo Double Trailer.
Ryan’s Schwinn Men’s Suburban bike
My white beauty, a Schwinn Network 1.0 700c Hybrid bicycle
We’re lucky enough to live near some pretty great trails with gorgeous scenery (Kensington in Milford, Indian Springs in White Lake and Holly Recreation are a few of my favorites) and I have a feeling that this year we will be checking out a lot more areas than ever before and these will be perfect for adventures during our trips up north this summer. I’ve thrown around the idea of trying out a triathlon or duathlon for years so maybe now that I have all the gear, I’ll take the plunge. I just love that this adds another way to get out and be active as a family. Were so busy sometimes that I hate to take family time away by going and doing fitness endeavors on my own, so being able to do this as a family is a win-win for everyone. And as always, it’s so important for your children to have a healthy, active role model in their life too so I really try emulate that sentiment for our son. 
Since it’s been years since I’ve rode a bike consistently, I really need to familiarize myself with rules, laws and all the safety guidelines. AND I’m a bit nervous about the ride behind trailer and really, really hope that Aiden enjoys it. I’d hate to have this be a struggle each time we go out (plus, those trailers are expensive!). He loves going as fast as possible in the jogging stroller, so I’m hoping that that is a good sign. 

For those of you that bike often, any newbie or beginner tips? 

Anyone have any must-have jewels of wisdom for cycling with a toddler? 

Any Michigan cycling trails that we must check out? 

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