I have a confession: I hate running…but it’s an evolving relationship.


The thing is that it never used to be this way. Years of not running at all has completely changed my perspective on it.  Back in the day (early years of college when I had no real obligations) I used to run quite regularly.  I would go to the track and run 5 miles and not even blink an eye at it.  Now….not so much.

Recently I’ve started running again and it has been a struggle.  Apparently when you don’t do it for awhile…you lose it.  *sarcasm*

The thing is that I really want to love running again.  I love the feeling of getting out there and covering some good distance.  The feeling you get after a long run is phenomenal, even if it’s a rough one.  You feel accomplished and those endorphins get moving and suddenly your mood improves and energy replenishes.  And sometimes that alone time for yourself is essential: it gives you time to think and sometimes just completely check out of life and cruise on autopilot for awhile. Running just makes you feel more powerful. You feel your body growing stronger and tougher. Having the control in improving your body is a huge boost in itself.

Months ago I signed up for Warrior Dash.  I figured that if I signed up for a race I’d have something to hold me accountable and would force me to get out there and start running again. Several weeks ago I started running again (should have started several months earlier, but oh well). The first few runs were rough…I was wheezing (thanks asthma) and endurance was zilch. After a few weeks though…that loving feeling is returning.  I’ve finally gotten to the point that I can actually run a 5k (not great timing and with a few stops/walks along the way, but I’m getting there). Those loving feelings that I used to associate with running are back! As for now, I’m focusing on improving my time and hoping to get to the point that I can continuously run a whole 3 miles without the need to stop.  I find that the days that I get out there and run I feel happier.  I’m not as harsh on myself (or others) and tend to be more productive. I’m hoping that this relationship is finally on the right track and that running and I can be best friends again.

Do you love/hate running? What were some things that helped you get back on track after a workout hiatus?
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