This Saturday was our first 5k of the year and it was a perfect day to start the season! We woke up to a bright and warm morning (which has been an oddity here until recently), got ready, dropped the kiddo off at his grandparents and made our way to Flint to Swartz Creek Golf Course to pick up our bib and race swag for the Tri To Finish Cinco de Mayo 5k.

Registration went quick and I loved this years shirts too! Soft cotton blend and a women’s fit so this is a shirt I’ll most likely be wearing pretty often. Anymore, my “mom” wardrobe consists of race shirts and tanks. Lol. We also received sombreros, a few product samples in the race bag and Redbox vouchers (perfect for lazy evenings after race days). I also ran into an old college friend, who was working on the timing of the race, so it was nice to catch up real quick.

Once we were all set we headed to the starting line, which was about a 1/4 walk (a nice warm-up) and got our positions. Ryan and I were both feeling a bit sluggish that morning (no coffee!) so we were trying to amp ourselves up for the run since we both wanted to at least beat our times from last year and I really wanted to place in my age bracket. I don’t think that either of us were feeling super confident going into the race since we hadn’t really ran all that much the past month (all my runs had been short or easy runs since it was before or after yoga). We made our way to the front of the crowd since we didn’t want to get stuck behind walkers and having to dodge our way through. We joked that this would be the first time in our lives that we’d ever be following the lead bike.


The race began and we both worked into getting into our cadence. Ryan darted ahead (wayyyy faster than me) and I paced myself with a girl that looked like she was in my age group. I’m terrible with pacing myself so I always look for another racer to follow and hopefully surpass (anyone else do this?). The race course is an out and back and is full of a ton of climbs and declines and through a residential neighborhood and it’s actually part of the CRIM course (you pass the 7 mile marker on the course). Hilly courses are my favorite, despite the fact that they kill me. I felt pretty good until mile 2 when i started getting stitches and had to walk a few seconds. 🙁  I came around the final bend and saw that I was going to be cutting it close to the 27 minute mark and just missed it (darn those stitches!)! Oh well, I was still pumped about my finish since I hadn’t trained much and it was fast than prior races.

One of the things I love the most about this race is that everyone get’s finisher medals. I’m always really bummed when I find out that a race doesn’t give a medal. Also, everyone gets race photos too,  without paying for them and the normal ridiculous photo fees! There was also an after-party with Mexican breakfast foods (eggs & chorizo, beans, tortillas, bananas, apples, etc) from Rico’s. I love the atmosphere at the Tri to Finish races. It’s always a super friendly, happy and supportive group/community of runners, organizers and volunteers. I actually ended up exchanging info with the runner I was pacing so hopefully we can get together for some runs/races in the future as well.

Post-race glow

Refueling with some mexican food!

Once we checked results, we found out that Ryan & I both placed first in our age groups! That was a first for both of us! I finished the 5k in 27:01 (1st place in 30-34 year group and 18/198 overall) and Ryan finished in 23:48 (1st in 25-29 age group and 8/198 overall — I’m totally jealous of his pace!). It was definitely a great way to start the running season!

Speed demon!

Both gals were great! Third place ran the whole thing with her baby in a
 jogging stroller too (a tough run on that hilly course)!

Did you have any races this weekend or coming up soon?

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