Growth spurts get me every time! Just when I finally get the kiddos closets organized and have finally sorted through the too small clothes and shoes, they go through one again and I find that I have to go out and buy new stuff again. I feel like shoes are the worst offenders. I just bought my daughter the cutest pair of shoes, only to have her wear them TWICE and they were already outgrown. 🙁

Thankfully, EasyKicks Sneaker Club subscription box has come to the rescue. EasyKicks has taken the hassle out of outgrown shoes and the process is SO easy. For as low as $20 per month (price varies on what duration you choose), you and your kiddos can choose from a selection of shoes and sneakers and then swap them out whenever you want.

Feet grow? Swap them.
Don’t fit right? Swap them.
Did someone go mud puddle jumping? Swap them.
Want a new look? Swap them.

When you’re ready to reorder another pair of shoes, simply hop over to, select your shoes (or let your kid choose), and then return the last pair in the pre-paid return bag that comes with your newest shoes (just pop it in your mailbox). The return bag even has a guide to help you measure your kiddos feet so you can easily order the correct size!

The process is perfect because it allows you to not have to go any period without shoes. It’s that simple. The returned pair will then be either donated to a child in need if still in good condition or recycled and turned into sports courts. Pretty neat, right? Plus, they have the cutest, brightest and most fun Nikes and Converses to choose from!

Just a few of the shoes to pick from and there are multiple color choices for each style.

The shoes come in the cutest boxes personalized with your kiddos names too and with some extra goodies, like stickers and activity sheets. Aiden was soooo excited when his came. He couldn’t wait to get his new shoes on. Aiden has picked out a pair of red Converse Chuck II (which were perfect for the holidays) and I picked out a pair of Turquoise Nike Flex Run Bright for Brielle.

Bottom line: For less the price of a pair of shoes, you can easily swap out shoes whenever you need or want to. The convenience factor alone of not having to take the kids out to shop and having them arrive on your doorstep totally makes it worth it. I love that there is the option for my kiddos to have matching shoes too since I love any chance I can get to do some “twinning” with them

Be sure to head on over to EasyKicks, to give this awesome service a try.

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