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School is finally back in session and we couldn’t be happier about it. With the start of the new school year, our schedules are quickly becoming jam packed with new sports, the kids are making new friends and this mama has some time for herself! With all the changes and shifting, we’ve been adjusting our days and habits for more a more smooth running home. Between making lunches, new sports practices and after school routines, there have been a few new products that I’ve been enjoying and finding really useful so I wanted to share a few of them with you all!

Mederma Scar Cream

Whether it’s at the playground, riding bikes or soccer practice, my kids play HARD! All that playing means that boo-boos, cuts and scrapes are pretty common in our house (we should buy stock in bandaids with the amount we use weekly). All the cuts and “battle-wounds” come with lots of stories and also scars. I started use Mederma Scar Cream to help minimize scarring. The kid-friendly formula is clinically shown to visibly reduce the appearance of scars and can be used for ages 2+. The unique triple-action formula penetrates beneath the surface of skin to help with collagen production, cell renewal and to lock-in moisture to help reduce the appearance of scars.

My son had a pretty rough looking scar from a bike accident so we began applying Mederma as soon as the wound closed (and the scab had fallen off) and use it 3 times daily to help lessen the visible scar. The kid-friendly scar gel, goes on purple and rubs in clear to make use simple and fun for kids (which makes life easier for mom and dad too). You can even use it on older scars! It’s definitely a new addition to our first aid supply kit to be prepared for future injuries! You can purchase Mederma Kids Scar Cream on Amazon.


I definitely don’t miss packing lunches, but these cute tear-off lunch notes from MyWish4U are such a fun and thoughtful way to let my kids know that I’m thinking of them when they’re away at school. You can find these notes at Target and there are 3 different books for all ages and interests:

  1. Zany Facts & Zingers: Wild and unique facts about the world and funny kid-friendly jokes too.
  2. Brainteasers & Giggles: Silly jokes and brainteasers to challenge your kiddos in a fun way!
  3. Cool Facts & Jokes: Interesting facts and funny jokes that they can share with friends and family.

My son LOVES when I include these in his lunch box or backpack and excitedly looks for them. Each book includes 101 notes (the backside of the pages are blank so you can leave a personal message if you’d like). At only $4.99 it’s a simple and inexpensive way to brighten their day and make lunchtime happier. You can find MyWish4U Lunch Notes at Target and

STEM Like A Girl Book

STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) books are favorites around here and STEM Like A Girl is a standout! I love books that focus on STEM that intentionally are created for girls and that encourage them to be interested in these fields. STEM Like A Girl showcases 35 inspiring girls in the book as they showcase 15 hands-on, STEM based experiments that kids can do at home. It’s so important for children to see kids that look like them and this book does just that. While my daughter is a bit younger (this book is aimed at girl 8-12), she has a high interest in science already and loves doing experiments (and it’s wonderful for her older brother to see more girls in these fields too).

The first thing my daughter noticed and excitedly said when she opened this book, “Mom, she looks like me!”.

Written by Sarah Foster, the founder of STEM Like A Girl, this book aims to engage and excite elementary school girls in STEM. In the book, each of the experiments dives deeper into STEM concepts while profiling a diverse group of girls through interviews on their interests in science and the confidence they’ve gained in the process. This books helps to solidify the knowledge that our children, girls in particular, are smart and capable while hands-on activities allow them to hone these skills and feel confident as they explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

You can learn more and purchase STEM Like A Girl here.

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